What Time Is It? A Chakra Journey Through Time

Jeff Oxford

Time & Chakras

When it was presented to me to write an article on the chakras, I immediately lit up inside. I felt a resonance, a pull, a calling. Then the question came, “But there is so much information on the chakras. What exactly am I called to write on?” I sat on this question for quite some time and kept it at the back of my meditation practice. Each time I would feel in, I sensed this nudge to look into the color spectrum of the chakras. I would think to myself, “Okay, so what about the colors?” and all I would see were a sunrise and sunset. It didn’t strike me as significant until I was talking with a dear friend who suggested I think about the chakras and time. “Ah! Sunrise and sunset are markers of time!” There was progress, but lots of the puzzle pieces were still missing. I started mapping out two hour intervals to feel into the 12 Chakra model, which includes the 7 main chakras as well as 5 additional emerging chakras. Then I hit a wall and decided to come back to writing another day. 


A few nights pass and I am lying in bed, thoughts racing. I grab my spirit jasper stone and take a few flower essences which instantly relax me. “I’ll probably fall asleep now,” I think to myself. But then within the grounding and relief, I notice information flooding through about the chakras and time. At first, I thought I was experiencing anxiety, but there was something distinct about what I was feeling: Very clear information was coming through about the body, time, the chakras, sunrises and sunsets. I knew I was receiving what some would call a psychic download or spirit communication just for this piece. This feeling isn’t new; it has been part of my experience for as long as I can remember, especially in my work with guidance and healing. But when the inspiration strikes at odd times, there is an additional mystery about it that takes a bit of letting go of the mind and surrendering to the heart to allow intuition to flow.


Three deep breaths later, some Reiki, and toning, I found myself channeling through information about the organs being associated with a specific time, which I had heard before a while back. But THIS was specific. I was sorting through the chakras, associated bodily systems and keywords, just plugging them into time slots like I had studied this information front and back for centuries. Then the inspiration to research Chinese medicine came and I made a pleasantly surprising discovery: My channeling of intel on the chakras and time in many ways matched up with the Chinese medicine time schedule for organ repair! Here is what came through for me… 

12 Chakra Time Schedule

This schedule feels more aligned with connecting to energetic principles, spirituality, meditation, and metaphysics. It could be utilized as a guide for cultivating one’s own connection practice. These are not the only times one can connect with this information. There was strong guidance that came through around being sure the reader knows that practices are available to you at any time. But what came to me were suggested times to root in or amplify these practices or qualities. Using your own intuition, notice what feels in resonance for you to perhaps integrate and then toss out the rest. I thought it was interesting that seemingly “superhuman” qualities came through. Perhaps these are abilities we have the power to tap into, but the potential for this is up to one’s own beliefs and timing…


I have left the organs from the Chinese Medicine Repair Table for you to compare, contrast and feel into below. There is more detailed information on the 12 Chakra System below as well.


3am-5am : Lungs: Soul Star, Stellar Gateway, Heart & Throat: Astral projection/lucid dreaming, and levitation.

5am-7am : Large intestine: (or colon) : Soul Star, Crown & Solar Plexus : Divination, ancestor/guide communication, smudging with resins and circadian reset with sunrise gazing.

7am-9am : Stomach: Third Eye, Crown, Solar Plexus & Root: Grounding, dream/intention journaling, divination, and nighttime integration.

9am-11am : Spleen: Higher Heart, Throat & Solar Plexus : Chanting/toning, forgiveness/Ho’oponopono, telepathy, and detox practices (dry brushing, juicing, etc.)

11am-1pm : Heart : Heart & Solar Plexus: Mindfulness/zen meditation, bilocation, and animal communication. 

1pm-3pm :  Small Intestines : Solar Plexus : Tea, journaling, reading, and plant spirit communication.

3pm-5pm : Bladder: Sacral & Third Eye: Yoga Nidra, dream divination, bilocation, herbalism, and nature walks.

5pm-7pm : Kidneys : Sacral & Crown : Plant spirit communication, sound healing/toning, and aromatherapy.

7pm-9pm : Pancreas: Root, Universal Heart, Heart, Solar Plexus & Sacral: Circadian reset with sunset gazing, daytime integration, lunar work, smudging, and Earth prayers.

9pm-11pm :  Blood Vessels and Arteries:  Earth Star, Third Eye, Heart & Root: Telekinesis, shamanic journeying, bloodline clearing,contacting elementals and passed loved ones.

11pm -1am : Gallbladder: Higher Heart & Sacral : Sound healing, Yoga Nidra, lucidity practices, and manifestation prayers.

Liver: 1am-3am : Universal Heart, Soul Star & Stellar Gateway : Connection to star lineages/family, void or womb work, and zero point.


An excerpt from Planetary Healing, a book in progress…


Earth Star Chakra-This chakra exists 12 to 18 inches below the feet and connects us to the center of Gaia and earth consciousness. Gold/Brown/Tiger’s Eye colored.


RootThis chakra is located in the perineum and functions to manage all basic needs, forms of security, safety, shelter and food. Red.


SacralThis chakra is located below the navel and functions to manage all emotional faculties, family and close relationships as well as sexual, sensual and reproductive processes. Commonly referred to as the center for “lower chakra expression.” Orange.


Solar PlexusThis chakra is located between the navel and the sternum. It functions to manage mental faculties, personal power, purpose and Will. Yellow.


HeartThis chakra is located at the center of the chest and functions to aid us in receiving and giving all forms of love. Extensions of the heart are the nipple chakras, which are secondary chakras part of the heart system. Green.


Higher Heart/Cosmic Heart- This chakra is located above the nipple line and below the throat. It is here in this chakra where we bridge the emotions, feelings, and authentic expression. It connects us to dolphin consciousness as well as cosmic families/star brothers and sisters. With the activation of this chakra in recent decades, we have anchored a higher resonance of love and expansion of our concept of human love to include love for those outside our planet, solar system, galaxy and Universe. Aqua/larimar colored.


ThroatThis chakra is located at the base of the neck, below the chin. It functions to manage all forms of expression—vocalized, body language, written, etc. Blue.


Third EyeThis chakra is located between the brows and functions to aid one in receiving information with clarity, beyond the use of the physical eyes. This often known as the psychic center and where we filter all the clairs—clairaudience, clairvoyance, claircognizance, clairsentience, clairgustance, clairtangency and clairolfaction. Indigo.


CrownThis chakra is located at the tip top of the head or skull. It functions to connect us with the divine and our concept of a higher power. Violet.


Universal Heart-This chakra is located above the crown 1-2 inches and functions in aiding us to  love beyond our personal experience. This is the chakra responsible for helping us to recognize unity consciousness and expand love to the Earth and humanity as a whole.Silver.


Soul Star- For some, this chakra is located 1-2 inches above the Universal Heart and for others it sits at the gates of consciousness, the part of the head where the skull meets the brainstem. It functions in connecting us to our individual soul blueprint and is where the seat of the soul is said to reside. It is also the first point of conception or where your soul moved through time and space to incarnate when still in the womb. Magenta.


Stellar Gateway- The location of this chakra can change for each individual. For some it sits 3 to five feet above the crown and for others it can be detected beyond the atmosphere of our planet. Dimensionally it is our individual point in the Universe, time/space continuum or consciousness that is also known as zero point, where all creation begins, filled with infinite potential. It is the greater octave for our I AM presence. This is source. Diamond.”


Chinese Medicine Repair Table

According to Chinese medicine AND Ayurvedic medicine, each organ corresponds to a two-hour window. During this time, the organ enters a state of repair, our own body’s way of isolating maintenance so that it avoids crashing. This is due to the Chi or Qi cycling through the meridians in a 24 hour cycle. If you notice at a certain time every day you experience the same symptom, this is worth looking into. Everything from aches and pains, fogginess, indigestion, migraines, coughing, cravings and more could be investigated from this point of view. Included are the associated chakras [in bold] that govern each organ and potential ailments to be mindful of…


3am-5am: Lungs : Heart and Throat : Coughing, phlegm, running, stuffy, or itchy nose, apnea, and grief. 

5am-7am : Large intestine (or colon) : Solar Plexus : Constipation, dehydration, and guilt.

7am-9am : Stomach : Solar Plexus and Crown : Disgust, despair and dehydration. (It is recommended to drink water or light juices/smoothies at this time.)

9am-11am : Spleen : Solar Plexus : Worrying, low self esteem, allergies, and hunger (It is recommended to eat your first meal at this time.)

11am-1pm : Heart : Heart : Rapid/irregular heartbeat, grief/depression.

1pm-3pm : Small Intestines : Solar Plexus : Indigestion, bloating, and constipation.

3pm-7pm : Bladder & Kidneys : Sacral : Fatigue, irritation, timidity. Focus on nourishment—hydration, refueling and exercise.

7pm-9pm : Pancreas & Reproductive System : Solar Plexus, Sacral and Heart : Fatigue, not being able to express one’s self/feeling stuck. A good time for conception.

9pm-11pm : Blood Vessels and Arteries : Root and Heart : Headaches/migraines, adrenal fatigue, depression.

11pm -1am : Gallbladder : Sacral : Disturbed sleep/dreams, indecisiveness, and high cholesterol.

1am-3am : Liver : Solar Plexus, Root and Third Eye. : Anger/irritability, visual disruptions, indigestion, migraines, and high blood pressure.