The highest price is

  • Polished Lithium Quartz Pendant Necklace $28.00
  • Golden Healer Pendant Necklace $31.00
  • Love Amulet Pendant $29.00
  • Alpaca Silver Stone & Spiral Earrings $19.00
  • Sterling Silver Round Chain - Blessings $27.00
  • Alpaca Silver & Brown Jasper Artisan Necklace $31.00
  • Alpaca Silver & Apatite Artisan Necklace $31.00
  • Alpaca Silver & Moonstone Artisan Necklace $31.00
  • Amethyst Freeform Necklace $34.00
  • Citrine Freeform Pendant Necklace $39.00
  • Lithium Quartz Pendant Necklace $31.00
  • Citrine Polished Point Pendant Necklace $36.00
  • Pink Tourmaline Pendant Necklace $33.00
  • Golden Lemurian Pendant Necklace $28.00
  • Green Kyanite Pendant Necklace $26.00
  • Clear Quartz Pendant Necklace $23.00

Spiritual Jewelry

When it comes to spirit work, rituals, and expanding your consciousness, jewelry plays a much more important role than just something that looks pretty looped around your wrist or your neck. Jewelry can and often does act as a focal point during sacred acts, used for focusing power and intent during spiritual practice, and even as part of any number of cleansing or purification rituals. This makes jewelry just as much a part of your practices as any other ritual tools such as smudging sticks, crystals, and incense. 

Featuring design elements that reflect the artisans that create all of our jewelry, our collection celebrates the sacred and the beautiful from different Indigenous traditions from around the world. Whether for healing, focus or for protection, our collection of beautiful and functional jewelry has sacred design elements that will be perfect for your own spiritual practices. 

Discover hand-woven Andean bracelets, alpaca silver earrings, sterling silver necklaces with stone inlay, and other Peruvian designs created by the Shipibo-Conibo. Our collection also celebrates bracelets, finger rings, and prayer beads that honor the sacred Tibetan design aesthetics. Embracing Buddhist and other South Asian sacred artistry that is as beautiful as it is effective in providing spiritual healing and focus.

In the sacred spirit of all-is-one, Shamans Market is committed to supporting our Indigenous artisan partners in order to promote spiritual healing and growth. Every piece is sourced, whenever possible, by authentic Indigenous artisans and craftspeople that have been paid fairly and treated ethically, for their work. In this way, you can rest assured that you are being an ethical and responsible consumer when it comes to the jewelry produced by Indigenous cultures from around the world.