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5 Buddha Small Paper Prayer Flags -8 ft long

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 • Product Size: 2.5" L  x  2.5" W 8 ft L

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Fair Trade
Hand Made

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Tibet Collection

These delightful paper prayer flag garlands (8' long) are great for hanging anywhere and any time of year. Set of five flags are made from sustainably harvested Himalayan lokta paper, a tree free eco paper fiber that grows in the higher hill areas of Nepal. Sales of these prayer flags help to support the mission of local organizations and businesses.

  • This set of flags shows the five 'Dhyani Buddhas' which represent the five primary physical and mental aspects of the Buddha, or different aspects of the enlightened state. The five Buddhas include Vairochana (representing all-encompassing wisdom associated with sight and the space element that dispels ignorance and delusion), Akshobhya (mirror-like wisdom associated with sound and the water element that dispels anger and hatred), Ratnasambhava (wisdom of equality associated with smell and the earth element that dispels pride and miserliness), Amitabha (discriminating wisdom associated with taste and the fire element that dispels desire and lust), and Amogasiddhi (all-accomplishing wisdom associated with touch and the air element that dispels jealousy and fear). These flags are made in Nepal by one of the best fair trade production centers in Kathmandu, Tibetan Handicraft, a member of Fair Trade Group Nepal and leader among the handmade paper export community. This business supports hundreds of people in the local community through its income generation enterprise, and runs an elementary school providing free and low cost education for local children. Sales of these prayer flags help to support the mission of these organizations and businesses.
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    Tibet Collection

    Tibet Collection is committed to creating innovative trans-cultural experiences. We strive to inspire and educate with high quality goods and services by connecting artisans and consumers through the sale of fair and ethically traded products. Tibet Collection works directly with Tibetan, Indian and Nepalese artisans to create designs that respectfully celebrate the beauty and culture of Tibet. As a founding member of the Fair Trade Federation (FTF) we strive to create ethical relationships and promote better wages and working conditions for the artisans and people who produce our products.

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