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950 Peruvian Silver, Stone and Crystal Pendant Necklace

SKU: j0489

 • Product Size: 1.5" L  x  0.75" W Chain 16"

Fair Trade
Hand Made

Product Origin

Edwin Herrera, Cusco Peru

Artfully conceived hand-crafted pendant on chain with intricate details in sterling silver encasing polished semi-precious turquoise and crystal. This pendant features silver spirals and swirls with draping strands of silver and a feather surrounding the central crystal. Handcrafted in Cusco, Peru.
 - 100% Money Back Guarantee
100% Money Back Guarantee
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  • "When we enter the Incan medicine wheel, we turn to the four cardinal directions (beginning in the South) and connect with the primordial archetypes of Creation: South is Serpent, West is Jaguar, North is Hummingbird, East is Eagle/ Condor. We touch the earth beneath our feet, Mother Earth. We raise our arms, our eyes and our hearts to the sky, Father Sun, Grandmother Moon, Great Spirit."  Source: Entering the Incan Medicine Wheel by Ananaia O'Leary

  • Edwin Herrera, Cusco Peru

    Edwin Herrera Salinas, lives in Cusco, Peru with his wife Nilda, and daughter, Camila. Carrying on in the family tradition, Edwin was schooled on styles and techniques of jewelry making by his parents. Over the last ten years, Edwin became enthralled with the pre-Incan Moche Lambayeque cultures of Northern Coastal Peru and captures some of their legends and symbols in his jewelry. Originally interested in painting, Edwin dabbled in the techniques and the beautifully transparent palette of water colors which have carried over into his work as a jewelry maker.

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