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Andean Symbology Nusta Karpay Carving

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Shamans Market-Peru

Masterfully hand carved alabaster-like "Cusco stone", embodies the energy of the Goddesses and the Sacred Archetypal Feminine Energies of Nature. Carved by Cusco artists, Abelardo and Luz Marina. This stone features the carvings of Mama Ocllo, the goddess of earth; Doña. Mujia,the spirit of the water, and Mama Simona, goddess of our ancestors, and Doña Teresa, the goddess of harmony and softness, Maria Sakapana,spiral of the wind, she is the goddess of communication and brother and sister Huana Huaman Tikllaand Tomasa Huaman Tiklla

The Ñusta Karpay rites are open to men and women, and are available to everyone, regardless of their spiritual orientation. The Ñusta Karpay are not only for those who have been apprentices in the Andean tradition or other ancient spiritual traditions. They are for those who wish to heal the Divine Feminine within themselves, and bring that healing to the world, and for those who wish to bring greater peace and unity to our planet. 

Because these are hand-carved, slight variations from photo can occur. Makes a great arte for your mesa or other sacred space. Handcrafted in Peru.

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100% Money Back Guarantee
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  • The healing energy of Ñusta will help you strengthen your connection with all the feminine aspects within you and around you, on earth and in the cosmos.
     These initiations have a profound effect, support and accelerate your spiritual growth. They help you find a new balance with yourself, connected with the healing of Mother Earth.
     Rites(represented in stone carving)
    1. Mama Ocllo
    She is the daughter of Father Sun and Mother Earth and originates in Lake Titicaca. She is the Goddess of the Earth, Great Mother of all Goddesses and also the Goddess of Wisdom. The essence of Mama Ocllo is to prop us up in our own center, to find our inner sanctity. This ritual heals your feminine power and restores balance. This ritual prepares you to receive the initiations of the other rites, since it opens your chakras and connects each one with a luminous spiral of light from your root to your crown. During this rite you will receive the 'seeds of light' in each of your chakras. These seeds are connected to the 7 shamanic archetypes through 7 stones ( Chumpi stone).
    2. Doña. Mujia
    The goddess of water Mujia means 'mermaid' and represents the 'spirit of water'. The energy connected to this Goddess is about "letting go". This initiation helps us to release the negative aspects of our ego and opens them to the concept of selfless union with others. It helps you release your connections to your "roles" while inviting you to transform roles into positive interactions. This is a "flourishing rite", the tools used for this initiation are flowers and water.
    3. Mama Simona
    The goddess of our ancestors You connect with the ancient feminine lineage, the ancestors, connecting with your roots, coming home to find yourself. This ritual allows you to connect not only with Mother Earth, but also to achieve a deeper connection with yourself and the way you connect with the earth you call home. The tool used for this initiation is the black Jihuya stone or Meteorite.
    4. Doña Teresa
    She is the Goddess of Harmony and Softness, connected to our soul. Associated with the heart-shaped mountain near the apu Ausengate in Peru. This rite opens your heart to all that is. It clears the energy around your heart so that you can experience your emotions purely without judgment, and so that you can see life clearly through the eyes of your heart. For this initiation we offer an Ayni despacho.
    5. Maria Sakapana
    Spiral of the wind, she is the goddess of communication. Maria Sakapana is associated with the two physical locations: Bolivia / Peru high plateau, near Lake Titicaca and a location between Q'eros Nation and Ausungate Apu. These are the places where the paqos (Inca priests / shamans) and others will open and clear their fifth chakra to tell their truth. This rite invites you to release everything that stops you from telling your truth, from entering into your True Self. This is a deeply purifying rite. The tool used for this initiation are two Condor pens ..
    6. Huana Huaman Tiklla
    Connection to the Falcon Temple / to the Temple of Clear Vision. This is the journey he takes to get clarity and do our deep visionary work. With this rite you are connected to the spirits of the Falcon, Hawk, Eagle, Owl and Condor to help you understand life clearly and with a higher perspective. All these are considered feminine characteristics. This rite is an energetic transmission for the opening of your third eye. The tool used for this initiation is a Condor carved in stone or Eagle.
    7. Tomasa Huaman Tiklla
    Sister of Huana Huaman Tiklla, they reside together. The goddess of freedom The energy of this rite is 'transformation and liberation'. This is the rite of transformation, open your crown chakra that connects you with your True Self. This rite is the integration of all the Ñustas and their blessings, which connect you with the 7 sisters. The tools that we use for this rite are 3 candles with which you will work for 3 weeks to continue strengthening your connection and learning.
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