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Bombilla - Bamboo

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 • Product Size: 6.5" L

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This naturally harvested and handcrafted bamboo bombilla gives a more earthy feel to your yerba mate drinking experience. Why Bamboo?Bamboo makes for a sturdy yet lightweight bombilla. With proper care, your bamboo bombilla tea straw will provide months to years of enjoyment. Made in Argentina.

 - 100% Money Back Guarantee
100% Money Back Guarantee
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  • Your bamboo bombilla will gradually season as you enjoy the pleasant flavor it imparts to your mate infusion. This bamboo bombilla won't burn your mouth. Naturally insulated, bamboo stays cool to the touch, unlike metal which can transfer heat to your mouth, if it sits too long in very hot water.Why do I need a Bombilla? Yerba Mate is traditionally served with a bamboo or metal straw from a shared hollowed out gourd. This drinking straw is called a bombilla in Latin American Spanish and a bomba in Portuguese. The bombilla (also known as a tea straw, filter straw, or bomba) acts as a strainer in addition to a drinking straw. The submerged end has small slots that allow your mate tea infusion to pass through, but blocks the loose yerba mate herb that fills the mate gourd. Our bamboo bombilla are handcrafted and made from 100% naturally harvested bamboo, they are all individuals. Their size and shape may vary slightly.
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