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Bombilla -Stainless Steel

SKU: mg005

 • Product Size: 6" L

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Shamans Market Great Finds

This bombilla has a "spoon" tip that functions beautifully. Bombillas are often used to drink yerba mate, and can be used with other teas too!

18/8 Stainless Steel - Dishwasher Safe - 7.5 inches long

  • Why do I need a Bombilla? Yerba Mate is traditionally served with a bamboo or metal straw from a shared hollowed out gourd. This drinking straw is called a bombilla in Latin American Spanish and a bomba in Portuguese. The bombilla (also known as a tea straw, filter straw, or bomba) acts as a strainer in addition to a drinking straw. The submerged end has small slots that allow your mate tea infusion to pass through, but blocks the loose yerba mate herb that fills the mate gourd.
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