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Buddha Prayer Flag Set, Small

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 • Product Size: 7.5" L  x  6.5" W 3 ft L

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Tibetan Nuns Project

This Tibetan made set of five prayer flags contains text with an homage to the Buddha. The five flag colors represent the five elements: Blue - earth, White - water, Red - fire, Saffron - infinite space and Green - cosmic winds. Each flag is hand screened on cotton by the Tibetan Nuns Project located in Dharamsala, India. A portion of each purchase helps to provide them with a safe environment for furthering their studies. Enjoy the slow fading of color as they hang in the elements. Three Foot long cotton cord.

  • The origin of printing prayer flags in Tibet is said to date back to the 11th century. The hanging of prayer flags is thought to promote good fortune and to dispel danger. In Tibet, they are called Lung-ta or Windhorse, named for the traditional character who carries the prayers to the universe. To dispose of old flags with respect, please burn them.
  • Tibetan Nuns Project

    Tibetan Nuns Project (TNP) was founded in 1987 to provide education and humanitarian aid to refugee nuns from Tibet and the Himalayan regions of India. Tibetan Nuns Project began when a group of 66 nuns appeared in Dharamsala, India. The 66 women had walked across the Himalayas from eastern Tibet to His Holiness the Dalai Lama's newly adopted homeland in northern India. They knew no one and were exhausted and ill. They wearily camped out in downtown Dharmsala, hope their long journey was near the end.

    The Tibetan community immediately responded: Tibetan Women's Association organized emergency assistance to provide their basic needs and the Tibetan Nuns Project was born. Working with the Tibetan Women's Association and the Tibetan Government in Exile Department of Religion and Culture of His Holiness the Dalai Lama, TNP sought to finding a long-term solution to the problem of how to secure housing, medical care and most importantly, education for refugee nuns. A sponsorship program was created that continues to generate worldwide support.

    Today, TNP sponsors over 650 nuns. TNP has established two nunneries [Shugsep and Dolma Ling] and provides sponsorship support for the nuns of Geden Choeling and Tilokpur in Dharmasala. Other building and housing projects include Sherab Choeling Nunnery in LaHaul-Spiti. More room is always need for newly arrived nuns seeking aid and asylum.

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