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Chakana Painted Feather

SKU: si0440-Green

 • Product Size: 16.5" L  x  4" W

Hand Made

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A beautiful and unique sacred shamanic tool. The painted design is a interpretation of the Incan Chacana. It represents, in part, the four sacred directions and the four elements of life and the link uniting Upper and Lower Realms. It also symbolizes the Sacredness of Life and the meeting of Masculine and Feminine principles with the vertical and horizontal lines. Quill tip is wrapped in macramé and embellished with beads. Use in your ceremonies for smudging, praying, healing, dancing and blessing. Your feather may differ slightly from the image due to the natural variance in feather sizes and shapes. Choice of chakana painted color.

Mother Earth
Gaia Blue
Chakra Rainbow
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100% Money Back Guarantee
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  • Feathers-Wonderful art of nature already. Feathers embrace the element of Air. They give power and meaning to ritual; by communicating with the bird realm, the precious air we breath. Every feather I meditate upon; Feeling in each one its own character, I let spirit guide me to create an enchanted tool of ritual. They shine in their simplicity just for decoration, but remember they are a powerful tool. Source: Creator Julie O.
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    Says Julie O, creator of SolMundo Art: "I'm inspired to create unique Artistic Creations that reflect my love of Mother Nature, infusing Spirit into matter. Making art is for me , a lifestyle and a sacred way to connect with the Elements of Life. Inspired by the four sacred elements and by the different tribal cultures around the world, creating is a lifestyle for me. Felted pieces you can wear to feel your connection with nature. Art to use on your Altar : painted feathers and Native rattles to inspire you to create your sacred space. Everything is handmade and unique! My shop is filled with beauty and creativity; everything is made with love and one of a kind. And you are the One giving meaning to my creations ! Blessings

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