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Chakra Crystal 5 Color Glow Light Base with AC Adapter

SKU: sl0239

 • Product Size: 3" L  x  3" W

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Shamans Market Great Finds

This black 3 x 3 inch electric base emits glowing lights in five ultra bright LED colors--four colors and white--that light up in sequence creating the effect of gradually changing colors.

Place your crystal over the 3/4 inch round lens and watch it transmit the colored rays of light. Each time the base is turned on, a different color sequence starts. There are four color sequences of 3 colors each and one white sequence. You can freeze color with any sequence. To choose a single color, just press the STOP button.

Base sits on four non-skid pads. Operates by battery or comes with a UL-approved, plug-in 110V adapter. Three AAA batteries are included. Crystal not included and sold separately.

  • In your bedroom you can set the light on the orange color. In your daily work area you can set the light on your favorite color to enhance your mood. 
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