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Owl Mini Chirping Water Whistle

SKU: mmw17-teal

 • Product Size: 2.25" L  x  3" H  x  1.25" W

Fair Trade
Hand Made

Product Origin

Shamans Market-Peru

Hand made in Peru, our clay sculpted miniature condor whistling vessel can chirp like a bird! Simply fill the piece with water in the hole at the top of the head and then blow through the hole in the tip of the tail. Hole in back of neck for your own cord. Owl has the requisite white neck collar and top comb. Perfect as a gift or as a decoration! Even use as an arte on your personal mesa and sound the whistle to call in spirits.

 - 100% Money Back Guarantee
100% Money Back Guarantee
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  • This little whistle is modeled after larger Peruvian whistling vessels, known as huacos silbadors and used by curanderos on their healing altars, or mesas to call in the spirits.
  • Shamans Market-Peru

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