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Dances with Ancestors: The Shaman’s Guide to Engaging the Old Ones

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Drawing on a global survey of ethnographic reports, direct teachings from shamans of many continents, and experiences from his own shamanic practice, the author presents a wealth of useful ways that shamans have developed, around the world and across the ages, to connect with ancestors in both our realm and theirs. These include spirit-plates; effigies; pilgrimages; walkabouts; and trips with plant-spirits.

In this comprehensive cross-cultural survey, Dr. David Kowalewski, scholar and practicing shaman, offers several techniques for engaging the Old Ones the old-fashioned way. Although modern people have largely lost this tradition, the ancestors are coming back strong, along with the shamans-a welcome happening that may reverse our ancestor-deficit disorder.

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  • Dr. David Kowalewski has been researching and practicing shamanism for 25 years. Twice a Fulbright scholar, twice a National Foreign Language fellow, and twice a National Endowment for the Humanities grantee, he has also received stipends from NASA, Alfred P. Sloan Foundation, several universities, and other institutions. He has studied with the shamans of many continents, and published reports in the Journal of Contemporary Shamanism, Journal of Shamanic Practice, Journal of Transpersonal Psychology, Journal of Humanistic Psychology, Sacred Hoop, Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion, Review of Religious Research, Sociology of Religion and elsewhere. His works have been translated into German, Japanese, Italian, and Spanish, while his interviews have appeared in Chronicle of Higher Education, National Geographic, Associated Press, Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, National Public Radio, and other platforms. A graduate of the Foundation for Shamanic Studies' Three-Year Program in Advanced Shamanic Initiation at the Institute of Noetic Sciences, he has appeared as a featured speaker on the Shift Network's global online program, "Ancestral Healing Summit"; the Why Shamanism Now's podcast, "Psychopomp Work"; and other platforms.

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