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Elemental Nature - Earth Spirit Wild Crafted Sacred Space Spray

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Elemental Nature, Goleta CA

Earth Spirit is an alchemical blend of coastal white sage, juniper, red cedar, Palo Santo, and rosemary. This blend is inspired with gratitude and honor for our Beloved Mother Earth. It is infused with the breath of the ancestors, the ancient ones who pass on to us their wisdom ways. These plant spirits are picked with integrity, honoring and giving thanks to their life force and spirit. They are lovingly and sustainably distilled in their native lands. These elder plant and tree spirits have been used for purification, ceremony and healing for centuries. Earth Spirit can be used to cleanse, clear, and realign you, purifying your energy field and centers while bringing light into the luminous body and your environment. Comes in a 4 ounce plastic spray bottle.

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100% Money Back Guarantee
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  • White Sage, Salvia apiana, is a healing plant used in Native American and Earth-based cultures since ancient times. It is symbolic of cleanliness and purity. Sage is a stimulant for the nervous system, metabolism, and vital energy centers. It is purifying to the mind and whole being and its cleansing qualities are uplifting to our spirit.rn Red Cedar, Thuja plicata, comes from the Pacific Northwest and is used like sage for purification. It banishes negative energy and brings in good influences. The spirit of cedar is held as very ancient and wise by the Pacific Northwest tribes. The old, downed cedar trees are always honored with offerings and prayers. Cedar is one of the aromatics used as temple incense by Tibetan monks in their rituals and prayers. Cedar symbolizes power and spiritual strength. Palo Santo, Bursera graveolens, means ‘Holy Wood.’ It has been used for thousands of years in Ecuador and Peru by shamans, curanderos and healers in their healing practices and ceremonies. It embodies the alchemical process. The tree lives for 80 to 90 years and when it dies it stays in its habitat for 4 to 10 years and then begins its metamorphosis. The alchemical transformation gives birth to Palo Santo’s mystical and medicinal properties. Like sage, juniper, and cedar it removes negative energy, offers protection, uplifts the spirit, and brings good influences. Juniper, Juniperus communis is used by the Native Americans and Tibetans for ceremony. It has the power to disperse and cleanse. Since ancient times it has been used for spiritual purification. In many cultures it is revered and used to create a safe and sacred environment. It ignites our instinctive fire within, fortifying and empowering us. The Pueblo cultures in the Southwest carry juniper for protection and medicine. In Siberia, shamans inhale the smoke of juniper to invoke visions. Rosemary, Rosmarinus officinalis, was burnt as ritual incense in ancient Egypt. The plant was sacred to the Greeks and Romans. It was an offering for protection and good fortune. It was dedicated to Apollo, the solar deity, the symbol of medicine, music, poetry, and prophecy. Rosemary, called the ‘Herb of Remembrance,’ enhances our spiritual devotion and love, shining light on our true path. Traditional elders say that before a person gives a ceremony or is healed, they need to be cleansed of any unhelpful thoughts or bad feelings.  Earth Spirit can be used to purify, cleanse, protect, and bless us. It can also cleanse objects and places of imbalanced energies and call in healing blessings. As it is mixed in our precious Mother Waters we are receiving the blessings of her cleansing and life giving energies.
  • Elemental Nature, Goleta CA

    Elemental Nature creates essential oil blends and products to awaken the senses, enliven the spirit, calm the mind, balance the body and enhance well-being. EN respects the plants and the people who grow and distill these natural and powerful essences. EN honors the spirit, or soul, of the plant, and recognizes that the essence of the plant is its life energy. When we use essential oils we partake of this gift, renewing and transforming our vital life force/energy. These aromatic essences can reconnect us with the true source of our being, awakening us to our primal nature that resonates with nature's universal rhythms and cycles. Elemental Nature blends are passionately, compassionately inspired and infused with many blessings.

    Elemental Nature is committed to providing only organic and natural products. EN avoids the use of chemicals, preservatives and other additives in our products. Elemental Nature oils are undiluted, pure, and natural. We look for oils that are fresh and lively with good Qi. When selecting oils we are mindful of their holistic nature. We look for organic and ethically wild crafted oils whenever possible, supporting environmentally sustainable farming or harvesting practices. Many of these oils come from small family farms, local gatherers and stills located all over the planet.

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