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Himalayan Salt Crystal Lamp - 7 in.

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 • Product Size: 7" H

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Kashmir, Pakistan for Aloha Bay

Salt crystal lamps are considered natural air ionizers. This crystal salt lamp creates negative ions in the air which help in getting rid of airborne impurities and it naturally cleanses the air. It can be used in offices as well as homes as it restores and is said to enhance energy.

Complete with 110V light fixture, toggle switch, and special heat-resistant bulb. All electrical parts are UL approved.

 - 100% Money Back Guarantee
100% Money Back Guarantee
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  • Crystal salt lamps are a beautiful, maintenance-free, natural mood lighting alternative from Mother Nature for improving air quality. With time, the crystal salt lamps do not reduce in size, color or shape, and don't lose weight or their ionizing effect! 

  • Kashmir, Pakistan for Aloha Bay

    Kashmir, Pakistan for Aloha Bay

    These natural Himalayan salt crystal rocks contains 84 Natural minerals essentially required by our body. This salt is the most beneficial and cleanest salt available on this planet, where the energy of the sun has dried up the original, primal sea, millions of years ago. It is absolutely pristine and natural, identical to the ancient primal ocean, having been exposed to enormous pressure for millions of years which ultimately resulted in the formation of crystalline structure of Himalayan salt rocks.

    This Himalayan rock salt has its history from pre historic time when it was discovered for the first time in the era of Alexander The Great in 325 B.C. The licking of protruded salt by the horses of Alexander The Great, who fought battle with Raja Poras on the bank of river Jhelum led to the discovery of Himalayan rock salt assets at Khewra. Khewra salt mine is the largest salt mine of the world. This salt range is around 300 km long and 10 to 30 km wide with an average height of 2250 feet. Its highest altitude at Sakessar mountain is around 5000 feet. At present, there are 17 levels at Khewra salt mine.

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