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Iced Sky Earrings

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 • Product Size: 0.5" W Adjustable

Eco Friendly
Fair Trade
Hand Made
Supports Indigenous Cultures

Product Origin

Ebb & Flow

a mystical asymmetrical earring set, "iced sky" encompasses the first glance at snowfall, looking out a foggy window to ice-covered twigs; cold as ice & not a cloud in the sky... 

harness the season 

  • the moon side measures 5" while the quartz stone dangles at 3" from the other ear - balance of divine energies
  • fun  & mysterious, these earrings will have you feeling all the feels
  • a perfectly witchy touch to any outfit 

about wearing quartz: 

  • quartz is a universal & all purpose stone, useful in amplifying good energies, while dispelling bad. moreover, a GREAT idea to have quartz in your life, always. 

handmade in love -

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        Ebb & Flow

        The birth of Ebb & Flow came very naturally as the founder, Ty Bramwell, had always dreamt of sharing meaningfulness and joy. The creating started with her fascination of crystals, which came at a later age. She had a vision of sharing simple, minimalist, raw crystal jewelry. Ty launched the first Ebb & Flow jewelry line within a boutique in mid 2014, and never looked back.  Ty’s love for natural, organic products and her expansive knowledge of the physical and metaphysical uses of herbs, she gathered not only from time spent in Morocco, but also from many inspiring people and role models throughout her lifetime; such as herbalists, medicine men/women, healers, and shamans. These ideals were applied to her daily life, but when realizing she could be a bridge between mindful ideals and practical routine based products, it awoke wisdom and became her life.