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Lead Amulet Figures - Pagos de Plomo

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 • Product Size: 3" L  x  3" W

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Shamans Market-Peru

Pagos de plomo ("payments of lead" in Spanish) are small amulets used by some in the Peruvian Andes in despacho offerings to the Earth Mother, Pachamama, for various intentions by bundling them into the despacho offering cloth. They are often included as part of the contents of despacho offering kits. Include these pagos in your homemade despacho cloth with your own intention. Choice of styles. Images may vary slightly. Made in Peru.

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100% Money Back Guarantee
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  • Pagos de Plomo amulets come in many different configurations, such as Cross = Peace Horseshoe = Luck Virgin de la Candelar = Miracles Heart = Marriage/Happiness Sun = Light, Confidence, Accomplishment Each of the tiny figures signifies something specific. Some of these are: Woman = Love Cow = Wealth Rooster = Caution Fox = Cunning Key = Ability Spoon = Prosperity Matrimony = Fertility Dog = Fidelity Llama = Wealth Tree = Stability Table = Abundance Soldier/Horse = Travel
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