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Living Sacred Ceremony: Earth Inspired Practices for Transforming & Celebrating

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Discover the power of sacred ceremony! Stepping outside of your daily life and into sacred ceremony is an invaluable tool. Ceremony is a beautiful and active prayer that allows you to commune with the spiritual world in an incredibly meaningful way. When you are weighed down by challenges, these practices offer a powerful way to disperse and transform negative energy. When the beauty of life shines through, ceremony becomes a celebration of gratitude and an invitation for more blessings.

Living Sacred Ceremony is filled with unique and beautiful practices that empower you to heal and transform your own life. Whether you are looking for assistance in the realm of love, money, family, health or beyond, there is a ceremony for you to become a powerful change maker and find deeper fulfillment. Inspired by the Peruvian shamanic tradition and fused with modern day practicality, this book will show you just how beautiful life can be when you are Living Sacred Ceremony.

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  • Natalia Karoway is a lover of transformation. Through shamanism, yoga, and sacred ceremony, she is devoted to creating a beautiful, safe, and joyful space for our souls to come alive and remember our highest potential. She believes that when we are able to remember, we are able to heal. Natalia officially stepped onto the shamanic path in 2011 when her own soul was calling out for deeper healing and deeper meaning. It was at this time that she experienced transformation unlike any other and in that moment, Natalia truly fell in love with life. Her training started with The Four Winds Society where she received certification in shamanic energy medicine. Upon completion, she began further training under Jose Luis Herrera, diving infinitely deeper into the authentic indigenous medicine of Peru. Natalia has also been blessed enough to receive rites of passage and training from multiple medicine lineages-and from the land itself-in the high Andes of Peru. It is Natalia's honor to provide sacred healing space for groups. She guides shamanic journeys to explore empowered paths to self healing. She hosts despacho ceremonies, bringing beauty, intention, and service to the practice of prayer. Natalia also teaches yoga fused with shamanic wisdom as a powerful way to physically move stagnant energy. No matter the path, all of her work culminates in allowing you to step fully into a life that you can truly love. Though she is a wanderer at heart, Natalia is currently living and loving in Massachusetts with her webdesigner husband where they enjoy exploring nature, sitting in ceremony, practicing yoga, and dreaming up their next adventure.
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