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Medicine Cards: The Discovery of Power Through the Ways of Animals with Cards - Jamie Sams

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 • Product Size: 60 card deck with 256 page hardcover book

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It’s time to discover medicine cards: the tool that millions of people worldwide are using for guidance, inspiration, and help in finding answers to life's questions and the discovery of power hidden in the Native American traditions that draw upon the ways of animals, presented in these attractive and beautiful medicine cards. Now, revised and expanded to include eight additional medicine cards, this unique and powerful divination system draws upon ancient wisdom and tradition to teach the healing medicine of animals.

Medicine cards offer the Native American ways of animals, offering guidance, extraordinarily well crafted instructions and explanations thanks to indigeonous culture experts Jamie Sams and her co-author David Carson, and “Medicine Cards: the Discovery of Power Through The Ways of Animals” have been responsible for showcasing Native American medicine, making its way into the hearts and hands of many. “Medicine Cards: the Discovery of Power Through the Ways of Animals” helps guide the way to healing the body, emotions, mind, and spirit, and providing insight into and understanding of one's unique purpose in life, all through the unique and authentic use of these unique cards.

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  • First released in 1988, "Medicine Cards" draws on ancient wisdom and tradition to teach the healing medicine of 52 "power" animals and provide insight into life's purpose on Earth. Author Jamie Sams is of Iroquois and Cherokee descent, serves as a medicine teacher, and has authored several books. She is joined by her co-author, David Carson, who is of Choctaw descent.

    “Medicine Cards” was revised and expanded in 1999 to include eight additional power animals, expanding these important Native American teachings even further. The medicine cards discussed in this impressive tome truly pave the way to spiritual healing in ways that you might have never thought possible before. Whether or not you’re looking to the cards to learn a new way to healing or simply want to appreciate and learn from what Native American shamanic traditions can teach us today, this is one set of medicine cards that you simply can’t pass up.

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