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Pachamama Pachapapa Stone Carving

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 • Product Size: 2.5" Dia 2.75" H

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Abelardo & Luzmarina Mirano

Masterfully hand carved from a single piece of alabaster-like stone that is split to create two inter-nested pieces. This set embodies duality:  sun and moon, day and night, masculine and feminine energies of Andean Cosmology. Peru.

Note: Comes with all natural hand woven brown striped bag.

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100% Money Back Guarantee
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  • Huamanga stone carving is a traditional form of artistic expression used by many Peruvian artisans for carving. Some say it dates back as far as the 17 century, originating in the city ofHuamanga, in Ayachucho, Peru. This place name is derived from the Quechua words aya (death) and kuchu ("corner"), referring to a major battle for independence. Some interpret the name to mean "soul or spirit corner," in reference to the great devotion of its people, even in pre-Hispanic times.Huamanga is an alabastrine, translucent limestone, soft and easy to work, which lends itself to being carved. The surface of this piece was finished by applying a thin layer of wax on the shining surface of the rock, highlighting its translucent quality and giving an ivory colored finish.

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    Abelardo & Luzmarina Mirano

    Abelardo and his wife Luzmarina are master shamanic artisans. They have been creating traditional sacred stone carving for many years and are well respected by shamans, teachers and practitioners both in Peru and abroad. Their art is infused with a deep understanding of Andean cosmology, ancient shamanic practices and a deep love for the apus and Pachamama. They live in Cusco, Peru with their three beautiful children Paola, Chaska and Sebastian.

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