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Peruvian 13 Moons Chumpi Stone

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 • Product Size: 5" L  x  3" H  x  5" W

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Abelardo & Luzmarina Mirano

The Peruvian 13 Moons Chumpi Stone is hand carved with 13 ringed points. These  represent 13 moons and honor the unique energy of the Incan moon goddess, Mamakilla, or Mother Moon. The underside of the piece bears a carving of three coca leaves. The top etched designs can vary. This piece is perfect for a home altar or mesa. Crafted in Peru.

  • Three coca leaves are known as the sacred k'intu  symbolizing integration of body, mind and heart. Such a k'intu is frequently placed under the mesa cloths of some Peruvian curanderos when consecrating the  altar ground

    Mama Killa was known as Mother Moon, and was goddess of the moon. According to Father Bernabe Cobo, writing in the mid-sixteenth century, the moon was worshiped because of her admirable beauty and the benefits she bestows upon the world. She was important for calculating the passage of time and the calendar, due to the fact that many rituals were based upon the lunar calendar and adjusted to match the solar year. She also oversaw marriage, women's menstrual cycles and was deemed the protector of women in general.  Source: Wikipedia contributors. Mama Killa. Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia. Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia, 8 Apr. 2014. Web. 25 Feb. 2015.

  • {} - Shaman

    Abelardo & Luzmarina Mirano

    Abelardo and his wife Luzmarina are master shamanic artisans. They have been creating traditional sacred stone carvings for many years and are well respected by shamans, teachers and practitioners both in Peru and abroad. Their art is infused with a deep understanding of Andean cosmology, ancient shamanic practices and a deep love for the apus and Pachamama. They live in Cusco, Peru with their three beautiful children Paola, Chaska and Sebastian.

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