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Peruvian Amazon Gourd Rattle - Moon/Sun with Rays

SKU: mmr005-Small (lemon size)

 • Product Size: 3" Dia 10.5" L

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Shamans Market-Peru

Our ceremonial hand crafted rattles are made by the artist in Peru. Each features a hand-etched motif of the crescent moon, Mamakilla, and the sun, Intion reverse. Trimmed on the chonta handle with natural fibers and colorful cotton thread windings. Each piece is a unique work of art and has it own sound. 

Choose desired size: Small (lemon size), Medium (orange size), Large (grapefruit size).

Due to the handmade nature, your rattle may vary slightly from photo shown. Sold individually. 

 - 100% Money Back Guarantee
100% Money Back Guarantee
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  • Rattles produce a sound when shaken. The sound may vary depending on the size of the rattle and what or how much material the rattle is filled with. Traditional rattles are made of objects of the Earth and typically have beautiful imagery or unique attachments carved into or on them. These features help to keep the connection to Spirit at the forefront of your consciousness when you are using your rattle. Shamans use the sound of a rattle to enter trance states for healing and accessing other realms to receive information for causing shifts in their own and other peoples’ energy fields.

    Excerpt from our blog post: The Power Of Sound Healing

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    Shamans Market-Peru

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