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Peruvian Silver Jade Pendant Necklace - Serpent & Stone

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 • Product Size: 2" L  x  0.5" H  x  0.5" W

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Hand Made

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Edwin Herrera, Cusco Peru

Beautiful hand-crafted pendant with intricate details in silverwork encasing a polished semi-precious Peruvian jade cabachon. This pendant features the amaru, some call her sachamama, the serpent, a creature that figures prominantly in Incan cosmology. Additional center dark purple stone is set off by sterling silver. Silver feathers frame the beautiful central crystal stone. Made in Peru. Pendant comes on black rolled leather chord, not pictured. 

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100% Money Back Guarantee
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  • For Serpent, in some cosmologies, the direction is South, the element is Water, the time is Night, the season is Winter. Here the human person is held between sunset and the dawn, poised to begin the journey into this world. It is the time before birth, the time of gestation, reflection, preparation. A time of acceptance, all is as it is, a time before the separation of the Earth and Sky. In the journey of the human, it is the path from birth through to adolescence, the time when we are nurtured and instructed, when we know that our earthly and heavenly parents will hold us, protect us and provide for us in our innocence and beauty. She is the great Serpent, mother of the Waters, the Sachamama of the Americas. the world serpent of the Saxons, the Kundalini of the Hindus, the Caduceus of the Greeks; it is she who is the archetype, the unifying principle of holding, of stillness, of binding, of connection. In this place is the perfect circle of Ouroborus, the serpent who holds her tail in her mouth, who holds the earth together. The perfect circle of life and death, in the place from which we emerge, the place of the beginning of the dark nights and the bright days.Source: Sunflower Stories, by Deborah Lowen.

  • Edwin Herrera, Cusco Peru

    Edwin Herrera Salinas, lives in Cusco, Peru with his wife Nilda, and daughter, Camila. Carrying on in the family tradition, Edwin was schooled on styles and techniques of jewelry making by his parents. Over the last ten years, Edwin became enthralled with the pre-Incan Moche Lambayeque cultures of Northern Coastal Peru and captures some of their legends and symbols in his jewelry. Originally interested in painting, Edwin dabbled in the techniques and the beautifully transparent palette of water colors which have carried over into his work as a jewelry maker.

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