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Pink Lemurian Rough Quartz Points

SKU: Cg108-Mini

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Responsibly Sourced

Pink Lemurian receives its pink coloring from completely natural iron oxide coating. Blush-pink to maroon with natural fading throughout. Uplifting, loving energy.

Lemurian Crystals are sometimes called the "master crystal," because of the many metaphysical properties they have. It can be either or both a Communicator (revealing the information it contains and/or bridging the gap between the Earth and cosmic realms) and a Healer, allowing its unique vibrations to wash over the user and clear all heavy energy. Lemurians are the only crystals believed to have been planted and coded by a civilization that lived on this Earth.

Sold individually. Choose the size that you would like and we will choose yours for you!


Mini = up to 20 grams // 1 to 2 inches

Small = Between 20 and 30 grams // 2 to 3 inches

Medium = 30 to 40 grams // 2 to 3.5 inches

Large = 50 to 75 grams // 2.5 to 3.5 inches

Extra Large = (only one) 113 grams // 3.5 inches with a 4.5 diameter


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 - 100% Money Back Guarantee
100% Money Back Guarantee
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  • Semi-precious stones and crystals have been used for generations in countless traditions for good reason: these objects are imbued with the resonance of Mother Earth in high concentrations. You can use crystals and stones as a focus for meditation, in spiritual rituals for healing, or simply for centering and stress relief. Energetically active and attuned to different chakras depending on their color and content, we offer sacred crystals that are cut and polished to perfection to increase this natural resonance.

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    Responsibly Sourced

    As we aim to cultivate and enhance spiritual, soul-centered living through fair trade, sustainable and artisan products, we obtain our meditation crystals, minerals and gemstones from only trusted sources. This responsible business is family owned and operated, working closely with locals and miners to keep a short supply chain over which they are able to have the best possible oversight on the labor and environmental practices. 

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