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Raku Square Rattle

SKU: mmr041-Seahorse

 • Product Size: 2.5" L  x  1.5" H  x  2.5" W

Hand Made

Product Origin

J. Davis Studio

Intensely beautiful and very seductive, Raku clay shakers, or Spirit Rattles, resonate with happiness. Akin to playing music with friends and family on the front porch, shaking one feels as natural as clapping your hands. Use these Spirit Rattles as an aid in your meditation practice, to help ground and center you and aid in clearing your space. Or just rattle for the pure joy and fun. The unpredictable color patterns created by the raku firing process makes each of these Raku Shaker Rattles truly unique and special. Gift boxed with a colorful story card that encourages mindfulness for different qualities. Select from your choice of beautiful styles below. Handmade in USA.

 - 100% Money Back Guarantee
100% Money Back Guarantee
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  • Each Spirit Rattle encourages an attribute or trait:

    Bumblebee: Be Mindful of Wisdom

    Butterfly: Be Mindful of Health

    Dolphin: Be Mindful of Play

    Dragonfly: Be Mindful of Resilience

    Frog: Be Mindful of New Beginnings

    Moth: Be Mindful of Enlightenment

    Smooth Sailing: Be Mindful of Peace

    Starry Night: Be Mindful of Creativity

    Hummingbird Whisperer: Be Mindful of Strength and Recovery

    Japanese Koi: Be Mindful of the Courage to Change

    Seahorse: Be Mindful of Patience & Tenacity

    Sea Turtle: Be Mindful of Endurance

  • {} - Shaman

    J. Davis Studio

    Our small ceramics studio is located in Alpine, TX, close to Big Bend National Park, an isolated and rugged area in the middle of the vast and peaceful Chihuahuan Desert, and near the mysterious Marfa Lights. There’s arguably a unique energy springing from our under-populated and far flung part of the world. The vast and desolate landscape has a curious way of reinforcing faith, dredging up unknown inner strength, and sparking a deep appreciation of even the smallest things in life.

    This feeling is a gift that may be captured inside the thin shell of each handmade innerSpirit Rattle. Perhaps it’s an aura that seeps in, or a sticky essence picked up while being made one-by-one in a land once inhabited by American Indians and the African American Buffalo soldiers.

    Shaking one of these rattles produces calming sense of peace by clearing the clutter in your head, creating natural mindfulness of the present moment, and generating a worry-free mind FULL of energizing gratitude.

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