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RAMA - As Above So Below with Oscar Miro-Quesada- MP3 Download

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Oscar Miro Quesada

MP3 Download (equivalent to 8 cds) recorded live at don Oscar's workshop August 1996.In this workshop series you will be taught a variety of meditations and practices to help with spiritual development and opening to receive your own guidance in the RAMA Mission.

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  • The RAMA Mission is an incredible journey into the universal laws uniting humanity through love and light. The objective is to prepare the Earth as the home of the new, more evolved person and the return of the Christ Consciousness. This previously recorded workshop is an introduction to the essence and main purpose of the Mission. Step out of the worldly fixation with the physical aspects of the UFO phenomenon, and step into the spiritual evolution of our species evidenced by the widespread inter-dimensional presence of extraterrestrial intelligence in our solar system. Respond to the timely call of a deeper universal voice that speaks of our interconnectedness with the stars.

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    Oscar Miro Quesada

    Peruvian shaman and world-renowned curandero, teacher and author, don Oscar Miro-Quesada, has emerged as one of the leading lights, pioneering a modern, yet ancient, path of universal shamanism.

     He speaks humbly from his heart in a way that anyone can recognize as the “voice of the soul.” He creates rituals that draw from his Peruvian Pachakuti tradition and weaves in the wisdom of other peoples.

    He teaches us how to live in new-but-ancient ways — connected with the daily blessings of life, filled with love and committed to acts of service. 

    The stories from don Oscar’s life are truly miraculous, and yet, his demeanor is humble and filled with gentle laughter.

    He’s a respected kamasqa curandero and altomisayoq adept from Peru, as well as co-author of Lessons in Courage: Peruvian Shamanic Wisdom for Everyday Life. He’s also Fellow in Ethnopsychology with the Organization of American States and a United Nations Invited Observer to the Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues. 

    Don Oscar’s advanced studies in modern psychology give him the tools to understand the common threads of shamanic teachings and weave them together into a more integrated framework. He has worked with luminaries, such as Barbara Marx Hubbard, to blend ancient traditions with modern evolutionary understandings — to create a holistic, integral synthesis.

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