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Rope Incense Burner

SKU: ib56

 • Product Size: 4" Dia 0.75" H

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Nepa Crafts

Looking for an easy way to burn rope incense with style? This brass stand and ceramic base plate is the perfect combination to do just that! Hang your rope incense on the brass stand and the ash will fall gracefully onto the base plate.


4 inch diameter.

Made in Nepal.

  • Size and weight:
    Brass Stand: 6 inches tall and weighs 5 grams
    Ceramic Base Plate: 4 inches diameter and weighs 110 grams

  • {} - Shaman

    Nepa Crafts

    This product is made by underprivileged artisans of Nepal. Our associate found the artists and offered to work with them to market their products, and also to assist them financially in other ways that help them elevate their lifestyle and status.

    Now these artisans work with our associate partner on various products and designs. The best thing about these products is that it hugely supports the livelihood of these underprivileged artisans and also help send their kids to school.

    We are very proud to bring these products to you. 

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