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Sacred Prayer Feather Fan

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 • Product Size: 14" L  x  3" W

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Eco Friendly
Hand Made
Supports Indigenous Cultures

Product Origin

Navajo Tribe

  • Smudging is a traditional Native American Indian method of burning herbs to produce a smoke cloud which is used in various cleansing or prayer ceremonies and purification or healing rituals. Cleansing rituals involving smudging often initiates healing sessions. The process of smudging enhances sensitivity and in some instances alters the state of consciousness enabling a Shaman, or Medicine Man, to assess and treat an illness. Smudging were an important place in Native American Spiritual Healing. The smoke was believed to disperse impurities allowing the healing process to commence. As the smoke rose it was believed that prayers would also rise to the Spirit World and negative thoughts and emotions were lifted away. Most of the herbs for smudging have antiseptic qualities and the process of burning herbs really does purify the air. Smudging rituals and ceremonies include rites of passage such as the Vision Quest and precursors to ceremonies such as the Sun Dance. The smudging rituals and ceremonies that involved healing were used in conjunction with various Native American Herbal Remedies. 

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    Navajo Tribe

    Artist: Anonymous  

    Tribe: Navajo 

    Source: Kachina House.  Kachina House is owned by three women, Toby Frank, Judy Fran and Patty Topel. All three enjoy sharing their love of the cultures and arts of the indigenous people of North America. This passion for what they do and the cultures they are helping keep alive has allowed them to take Kachina House from a small shop to the largest distributor of Native American arts in Arizona.