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Sangha Meditation Bowl

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 • Product Size: 6" Dia 2.5" H

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Sangha in Sanskrit means the community of the meditating.
Meditating, achieving clarity, being with oneself and on this journey
still being securely carried by a community. This is the very path
which the sounds of the Sangha meditation singing bowl can support
you in following, the path it can help you reach.
The creation of the Sangha meditation singing bowl was accomplished
after a long period of development with exactly this kind of support. There is
no comparable singing bowl on the market which produces such an
incredibly long-lasting and solemn sound. It is perfectly suited
to conduct sound or shamanic journeys in a tender and consequent

  • The development of this bowl was only possible because of our long-standing experience (since 1984) with singing bowls and in developing sound massage. Our own research projects and production sites in Nepal are a great resource in this development.
    These singing bowls are especially suited for:
    • Meditations
    • Sound Journeys
    • Imaginary Journeys
    • To Center a Group – get their attention – induce resonance
    The Sangha meditation singing bowls can be used additionally during sound massage, for example to deviate, energize, for a “sound
    pyramid” etc. They offer support in many settings of sound pedagogy and sound therapy.
    The main characteristic of a Sangha meditation singing bowl is its clean, clear, long-lasting, solemn and pleasurable sound. The sound
    spectrum is more focused and clear because it serves to direct and accompany meditation. The spectrum of sound is less rich in
    overtones as with the Peter Hess® therapy singing bowl. The therapy singing bowls have a more eventful spectrum of sound, a wider
    variety of overtones which offer a greater diversity of sounds for sound massage and body work.
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