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Shamanic Visioning-Connecting with Spirit to Transform Your Inner and Outer Worlds by Sandra Ingerman

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 • Product Size: 6 CDs 7 Hrs, 37 mins

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Comprehensive Training in Shamanic Techniques for Insight and TransformationEverything is alive, everything has a spirit—and wisdom to share. Shamans throughout history have known that we all have the capacity to connect with plants, animals, natural forces, and helping spirits for guidance and healing. With Shamanic Visioning, Sandra Ingerman presents a complete audio training course in powerful techniques for tapping into the boundless creative energy of the unseen world. Join this renowned teacher for more than seven hours of instruction and insight as you learn to open yourself to the world of spirit, access reservoirs of healing energy for yourself and others, and empower yourself to fulfill the highest vision of your life.

  • To practice shamanism is to "see with the heart," to view the world from a perspective beyond the limits of our five senses and rational mind. The core practice you will learn is the shamanic journey—a technique for safely entering an altered state of consciousness that allows you to expand your perceptions into the subtle dimensions of reality. Over the course of this training, you will undertake journeys to connect with your helping spirits and power animals, create ceremonies to honor times of change in your life, unlock your intuition and creativity, and spark transformative initiations.As you deepen your practice, you will learn how to integrate the experiences of your journeys into every facet of your life. "The techniques of shamanism help us awaken to our true essence," says Sandra Ingerman. "When we do, we become a vessel of light, able to radiate healing by our very presence." With Shamanic Visioning, you are invited on a journey to discover a new vision of your life—supported by spirit, aligned with the creative forces of the universe, and suffused with unconditional love.Highlights:Making contact with helping spirits—calling on your power animals and spirit guides for healing, protection, and insightDirect revelation—learning to become your own spiritual authority through inner guidance and intuitionHarnessing the power of your intention—how to align yourself and your dreams with the forces of creationCultivating a rich inner garden—nurturing the seeds of our growth and pulling the weeds of toxic beliefsSeeing with your "strong eye"—how to expand your ability to perceive the true spiritual nature of realityShamanic initiations—pivotal journeys to recast your life to become who you were meant to beUsing ceremony to fully engage your own energy and the power of your community for a common purposeEnergizing your practice by aligning with the four elements, the cycles of nature, and the support of your ancestorsMore than seven hours of insights, guided practices, and time-tested shamanic wisdom from master teacher Sandra Ingerman
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