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Quadrate Concrete Incense Burner

SKU: ib89-White

 • Product Size: 4" Dia .625" H

Product Origin

Joshua Kern

Handmade. Modern. Minimal.

Designed with your modern rituals in mind. The solid 2.5 mm brass rod has bends to cradle smudge sticks and Palo Santo. Stick incense can be placed in the insert once the rod is removed. Safe for use with cone and resin incense, but without a medium it will become uniquely discolored with use. Every burner has a water-based coating and is finished with a hand-cut cork bottom to protect your surfaces.


Each piece is unique. Common anomalies such as air-bubbles and voids will vary. This is expected and celebrated. 

Choose your color - made with oxide pigments from the Earth. Both the coral and white burners are made with gypsum cement, but only the white contains a black aggregate giving it a speckled look. Handmade in Michigan, USA. 

Size: .625" tall with a 4" diameter 

White with Black Aggregate
Blue Fog
Terra Cotta
 - 100% Money Back Guarantee
100% Money Back Guarantee
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    Joshua Kern

    Introduced to a life-long passion of creation as a child, Joshua Kern is always looking for his next challenge, and is a consummate creator in many media and disciplines. He is constantly trying to make sense of this modern moment and create a connection. Whether auditory or visual, his goal is an amalgam of the classic and current with an eye towards elegant solutions that bring intrigue, warmth and solace to those who experience it.

    In an inspirational conversation with a co-worker Joshua mentioned creating a line of concrete incense burners that people could enjoy for years to come that reflect the care and love Shamans Market has for its customers and Joshua’s modern aesthetic and dedication to design. He hopes you feel the joy and care that went into this project and that these pieces find a place in your routines and rituals.

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