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Shipibo Amazon Adjustable Bead Bracelet

SKU: j0143-1.75

 • Product Size: 1.25-2.25" W Adjustable

Fair Trade
Hand Made
Supports Indigenous Cultures

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Shamans Market-Peru

Wear a piece of the Amazon jungle rainforest on your wrist with this colorful and adjustable beaded bracelet. Skillfully hand-made by the Shipibo Conibo living in the Peruvian Amazon, the intricate patterns are the same as those ayahuasca inspired designs seen on their embroidered icaro song cloths and other dazzling works of art. Adjustable band fits almost all. Artistically created in the land of the Inkas, Peru.

Comes in 3 different widths. The beads are slightly larger as the widths size gets bigger. 

 - 100% Money Back Guarantee
100% Money Back Guarantee
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  • The Shipibo-Conibo live in the 21st century while keeping one foot in the past, spanning millennia in the Amazonian rainforest. Many of their traditions are still practiced, such as ayahuasca shamanism. Shamanistic songs have inspired artistic tradition and decorative designs found in their clothing, pottery, jewelry, tools and textiles.

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