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Shipibo Painted Cloth - White-Black

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 • Product Size: 24" L  x  23" W

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Shipibo - Textiles

Shipibo women mesmerizingly and intricately paint by hand in detail their traditional icaro or sacred song pattern onto this natural cotton canvas. The cotton cloth is painted in black ink in a stunning design. Inspired from ayahuasca visions and icaros, medicine songs, each piece is a one of a kind unique creation. Use as a ground or overlay cloth for your sacred altar or mesa bundle or other places in your home. Handmade in Peru.

This cloth was made with intentions of prosperity.

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100% Money Back Guarantee
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  • Icaros are medicine songs, used as part of the rituals of shamans and curanderos in the Peruvian Amazon Basin. The doctor spirits teach the shamans their icaros. They are expressed in the form of song and are a major system of delivery of the shaman's spiritual energy. They are used to bring on mareación (the visionary effects of the ayahuasca), take mareación away, call in different plant spirits, call in the spirits of others or the deceased, take away dark spirits and dark energies, and manage the ceremony. Icaros are either whistled or sung, and can be expressed in any language. The shamans generally sing in a spirit dialect that is a mixture of their native language (e.g., Quechua, Shipibo-Conibo, Asháninka), Spanish, and different evocative sounds.

  • Shipibo - Textiles

    Shipibo-Conibo, Amazon, Peru
    Approximately 30 years ago, as many as 150 different ethno-linguistic groups could be identified living in the rainforest jungles of Peru. Today less than 30 ethnic groups remain. Among these survivors is one of the oldest ancestral groups, the Shipibo people, who now are at risk of becoming extinct. It is estimated that perhaps only 35,000 Shipibo remain living spread out in as many as 300 different family villages. For centuries, these people have survived primarily through their relationship with the jungle and through activities such as hunting, fishing and traditional agriculture.

    Shipibo artisans are well known for their colorful designs on pottery and textiles. Inspired by Ayahuasca-induced visions, creation stories and mythic folklore, these refined geometrical designs are sophisticated interpretations of cosmic realities

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