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Vedic Astrology - Shravana Nakshatra Essence

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Georgia Putnam - Shamanic Alchemist

The energy of Shravana deals with learning, listening and connecting with others.Traveling for education, lecturing and sharing knowledge fall under this Nakshatra’s domain too.

People who really benefit from this energy are students and teachers. In this day and age, Shravana includes learning through the internet. People who run YouTube channels, radio shows, and those in the film industry, journalism or any communication channel will likewise be helped by this star energy, as are those who run (or attend) yoga classes and various workshops including music and drama classes where people gather to attain knowledge and wisdom.

For those interested in preserving ancient spiritual wisdom, religious customs, and cultural traditions this is an excellent essence to work with too. Shravana gives the ability to connect with others for all the above mentioned purposes.

Generosity, sharing, righteousness, and kindness are qualities that can be obtained when engaging with Shravana nakshatra.



The stars of Shravana can be seen in the sky as: Alpha-, Beta- and Gamma-Aquilae.




Contains:Sustainably sourced, carbon neutral Hawaiian Volcanic Water, Ocean Vodka (Made from organic sugar cane blended with deep ocean mineral water. gluten free, non gmo) &  Pearl gem essence. Activated in the Pandava Dootha Perumal Koil, Kanchipuram in India and in Kadavul Temple in Kauai, Hawaii
A portion of sales will be donated to help restore the Shri Mahalakshmiswarar Temple for Anuradha located near Tirunindriyur in Nagapattinam.
These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat cure or prevent any disease.
 - 100% Money Back Guarantee
100% Money Back Guarantee
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  • In Vedic times, the sages of ancient India developed detailed knowledge of the influence of the stars. They divided the zodiac into 27 star constellations or Nakshatras.  Over many centuries, devotees traveled to specific temples to worship, make offerings, and gain favor with the cosmic forces at work in their lives.

    In alignment with ancient tradition, each Nakshatra Temple Essences has been charged in one of the 27 traditional Nakshatra temples in South India aligned with that particular Nakshatra.  Then the essences were charged again during pooja ceremony as the energy of the specific Nakshatra was being reflected by the Moon.

    The Nakshatra Temple Essences will help you become aware of the Star energies of each Nakshatra and how this energy can contribute to your daily life. With the help of these Star remedies, you will establish a clear and pure connection with the celestial realm by clearing any obstacles or distortions you have created by lifestyle or thought patterns. You will be able to live with much greater cosmic awareness in accordance with Universal Law.

    By reading the short description for each Nakshatra Essence it is easy to pick the essences that will help you overcome specific challenges you may be facing. Or, you may want to take ones that will strengthen certain qualities you  need in your life right now. 

    These Essences give you a direct and conscious link with the Star Beings and their specific energies and teachings.  As human beings we are not only inhabitants of the Earth, we are also part of the greater Cosmos.

    Cosmic Consciousness.

    The complete kit of Nakshatra Temple Essences is an invaluable tool for full spectrum healing and spiritual growth for all healers, shamans, yogis and light workers. They literally bring Heaven to Earth.


    4-7 drops under your tongue or on your wrists.  Or add a dropper-full to a small glass of water and slowly sip or add to a spray bottle and spritz yourself.  The essence can aid in your meditation to reconnect you with the cosmic realm or help to guide your plant medicine journey.  Place the essence bottle on your altar in devotion and reverence to the celestial star beings and to honor your connection with the Cosmos.  You may be called to use it as a remedy during the challenging times to elevate your energy body.


    As a professional astrologer I have been able to give specific Nakshatra remedies to some friends and clients. For difficulties in the birth chart I call these “constitutional remedies”, and for temporary difficult transits I give the necessary essences/remedies to help clients through a difficult patch. So far, I have noticed good results and a few times got wildly enthusiastic feedback. - Madhuri

    Holding my Nakshatra Temple Essence bottle of "Ardra" in my left hand one afternoon, I was taken immediately into spacious awareness of the constellations, our star brethren. My energy body quietly aligned. With a drop of the essence placed under my tongue, that alignment moved into active chakra awakening from which state, I journeyed home. What a blessing !  - R. H. Shamanic practitioner and teacher

    Holy WOW! I put a drop of the Ashwini Nakshatra Temple Essence under my tongue and then held the bottle in my left hand. I sat for a few minutes in mediation and after nothing much was stirring in me, I noticed that pressure was building up around my heart. The pressure started to grow and I could feel the old shell on my heart start to break down and release the growing light within. As I surrendered to that experience, I got some extremely clear guidance how these stars can assist me in my work. Such a strong and fluid experience of co-creating with this deep and resonant wisdom.  - Amy Mermaid Isakov, Phoenixville, PA

    For those who are interested in a deeper experience of lunar and celestial influences, these essences are an aid to promoting more profound meditations. - Devin A. Mikles, MD, Integrative Healthcare Physician  

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  • {} - Shaman

    Georgia Putnam - Shamanic Alchemist

    Creator of the Nakshatra Temple Essences. She has developed her gifts through many avenues over the years, including the Silva Method of alpha meditation and healing, Doctorate degrees from Delphi University as  Master Metaphysician and Rohun Chakra Healer, trance energy healing, crystal gem healing,  Vipasana meditation, certified yoga instructor, Kriya Yoga practitioner, and advanced apprenticeship in Peruvian shamanism and star being RAMA initiation from don Oscar Miro-Quesada. Georgia has worked extensively with vibrational essences and had an apothecary of several lines of gem and flower essences. All of these endeavorers and the flow of life have led her to this present moment. It is at the core of who Georgia is to channel energy, create alchemy and make medicine.

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