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Spirit Hacking by Shaman Durek

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 • Product Size: Hardcover - 320 pages

In Spirit Hacking: Shamanic Keys to Reclaim Your Personal Power, Transform Yourself, and Light Up the World, Shaman Durek, a sixth-generation shaman, shares life altering shamanic keys allowing you to tap into your personal power. Through new information you will banish fear and darkness from your life in favor of light, positivity, and strength.

Shaman Durek's bold and sometimes controversial wisdom shakes loose our assumptions about ourselves and the very world around us. He ultimately teaches us how to step fearlessly out of this Blackout (the age of darkness we are currently experiencing) and access a place of fierce empowerment by use of tools and techniques of timeless Shamanic tradition. This transformation is both personal and collective; as individuals step out of darkness and begin to experience the light, we bring our loved ones and communities out of the shadows as well.

Shaman Durek inherited a rich legacy of ancient wisdom and now shares this knowledge for a modern context. He advises everyone from celebrities like Gwyneth Paltrow and Nina Dobrev to innovative executives such as Bullet-Proof Coffee founder Dave Asprey.

Spirit Hacking shatters readers' complacency, giving them tools to navigate the tumultuous times in which we find ourselves. We will emerge from this period happier, lighter, and more vibrant than ever before.

 - 100% Money Back Guarantee
100% Money Back Guarantee
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  • SHAMAN DUREK is a 6th generation shaman who has devoted decades to study and practice in becoming a thought leader and spiritual enthusiast for people all over the world. His focus is educating people on how to make shamanism a life style choice for evolutionary adaptation. He is an author, activist, and a women's empowerment leader.


    Table of Contents:


    • Part 1: The Prophecy: From Darkness to Lit
      • Ch1: The Blackout
      • CH2: The Feminine Factor
    • Part 2: Shake Up to Wake Up
      • Ch3: Get Real
      • CH4: Word Yourself Up
      • CH5: Dream Greater
      • CH6: Engage the Darkness
      • CH7: Embrace the Unknown
      • CH8: Connect
    • Part 3: The Giant Age
      • CH9: Ride that Lit Train

    Review Quotes:

    "This guy does next level stuff. I have worked with him and I have no idea how or why he is able to do some of the things I have witnessed. Science is just catching up with biohacking. It's time to start studying spirit hacking and how Shaman Durek can achieve the tangible results he achieves."--Dave Asprey

    "Rarely, if ever, are books by or on shamanism page-turners. This is the first I have seen and it is stunning. Spirit Hacking will surprise you, undo you, and make you laugh. It invites you to a way of seeing the world that is deeply inspired and unique, entirely based on experience. It is authentic, gobbledygook free, astonishingly honest, a verbal mind-blow that is urgently needed at this time. It will flat out change how you see the world."
    --Paul Hawken, environmentalist, entrepreneur, journalist, and New York Times best-selling author

    "Profoundly insightful to the times we're living through, and hugely helpful on how to thrive in their midst - in spite of ourselves. Shaman Durek is a compelling storyteller and he writes exactly as he speaks - casually, potently, and with a brilliantly, calculating sense of humor. He knows what he teaches, and this is absolutely the topic that most needs hacking."--Mike Dooley NY Times bestselling author of Infinite Possibilities

    "I didn't have any understanding of the spirit world and how much power it could add to my life until I met Shaman Durek. I'm new to all this but with the help of Shaman Durek and Spirit Hacking I've developed a deeper connection to my myself and my personal spiritual path." --Nina Dobrev, Actress/Activist

    "In Spirit Hacking, I was swept away in an exploration of spirituality, quantum physics, neuroscience, and the real essence of what it is to be human. Shaman Durek has a unique way of bringing people out of themselves and helping them become their authentic selves." --Dr. Caroline Leaf, cognitive neuroscientist, author of Switch on Your Brain

    "Shaman Durek is a bright light, the kind of light the world desperately needs. His authentic, loving presence allows anyone who is talking to him feel like they are the only one in the room. In a world where we are caught up in the next, he rests in the now. This deep present moment awareness is where Shamen Durek shines. This book is his light in literary form."
    --Dr. Will Cole, leading functional medicine expect, international best-selling author of Ketotarian and The Inflammation Spectrum

    "Shaman Durek cuts through the noise of the modern spirituality scene and tells it like it is--making Spirit Hacking seem more relevant than ever for our modern lives today. Larger than life and with the presence of a true guru, Durek is a real deal prophet for the Now Age." --Ruby Warrington, author of Material Girl, Mystical World and Sober Curious

    "Thank goodness for Shaman Durek. He is the real deal, big heart and no BS. He is a force of love and fierce wisdom, and in these current times, we need that more than anything."-- Lisa Lister, author of Code Red + Love Your Lady Landscape

    "Shaman Durek breaks the barriers and helps you to connect to your deeper self. Spirit hacking is one of his many tools for bringing spiritual wellness into your life. He empowers you to shine your brightest you." --Jasmine Hemsley, author of East by West

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