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Sterling Silver Hummingbird Totem Pendant

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 • Product Size: 1.87" L  x  1.62" W Bail ID 5mm

Hand Made
Women Owned

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Kris Kramer Designs

Joyful Hummingbird! She can fly up, down, backward, forward, and hover, darting around like Spirit and drinking the nectar of Life. In other traditions, Hummingbird whispers to us in the winds of the North, among Grandmothers and Grandfathers and the Ancient Ones. Hummingbird also represents the courage and guidance necessary to embark our epic journey that leads us eventually back to our Source.

Hummingbird is made of Sterling Silver at 96.2% silver. She is 1 7/8 inch (48 mm) long and 1 5/8 inch (40 mm) wide. Made by hand by jewelry designer and creator Kris Kramer.

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100% Money Back Guarantee
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  • "There are no limits with metal clay. I have not come close to trying all of my ideas or considering the myriad of possibilities of what others could and most certainly will do with the medium.”                                                                                                                                                                                                          Kris Kramer

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    Kris Kramer Designs

    Kris Kramer's medium is metal clay. Metal clay was invented in the 90s by Mitsubishi as a way to use silver from discarded electronics and more; thus, all of her pieces contain at least 40% silver from industrial waste.

    All pieces are 99.9% silver or Fine Silver or Sterling Silver at 96.2% silver. All jump rings, wires, and ear wires are either Sterling Silver (92.5%) or Argentium. Nothing contains nickel, to which some people have allergies.

    Each piece is made by hand, one-by-one. The process includes building and sculpting the piece in wet clay, drying the clay, sanding and drilling holes, firing the clay piece in a kiln at 1630 degrees for two hours which burns off the binder and water leaving only the silver, brass-brushing the piece, tumbling the piece in steel shot for two hours, oxidizing (a patina) the piece, fine finishing the piece with conventional silver-smithing tools, tumbling the piece in burnishing compound for one or more hours, and assembling with ear wires, O rings, or other findings.

    Kris is a certified Precious Metal Clay (PMC) instructor at PMC Connection and Rio-Rewards Certified by RioGrande. She used to teach PMC classes at a community college, at art centers across the country, and out of her studio. Now her teaching presence is solely online at I Love Silver.

    Care for her items is as simple as polishing the high points lightly with a polishing cloth. If you polish too hard or for too long, the black patina that gives the scene or piece character will be wiped away.


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