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Sulphur Soap

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Shamans Market-Peru

Sulphur is used esoterically to purify. Sulpur soap therefore can be used to remove various things from our field and our bodies. Sulphur is also renowned for its therapeutic qualities and may help relieve skin conditions such as psoriasis, eczema and acne. Product of Peru.

  • It’s important on a multitude of levels to be pure in body and spirit before embarking on any spiritual journeys. Whether you’re preparing to smudge your ritual space, purify an altar before a major working, or simply ensure that your own spiritual field is cleansed of negativity, it’s important to wash away unwanted vibrations. In this case, with the aid of a sulfur soap, this can be done both literally as well as figuratively.

    As an organic substance, sulfur is the third most abundant mineral in our bodies. This makes the use of sulfur soap as natural as breathing. For many years washing your face or body with sulfur soap has been considered an excellent way to cleanse the skin; many medical doctors recommend it to those looking for acne treatment. This is because this type of soap will help to dry out the skin, absorbing the oils that can lead to acne to form. A doctor that prescribes such a soap to a patient for external use as an acne treatment is looking out for their skin health.

    But the use of sulfur as a cleansing agent goes much farther than just an acne treatment. Sulfur, which is also known as brimstone for the strong odor it emits when burned, has been in use to purify spaces for centuries. The ancient Romans would burn it to cleanse the interior spaces of buildings (likely using the pungent smell of burning sulfur to drive out any lingering negative spirits). Japanese Shinto rituals also make use of the mineral for purification as well, showing that it’s much more than just a good way to get rid of acne.

    You can use this product to successfully cleanse both your physical and your spiritual form from any negative influence. Just as any other cleansing product, you can shower, bathe, or simply just wash your hands with this bar before you engage in any ritual or sacred activities. Remember: you can’t expect to perform sanctification rituals well if you yourself are in need of purification as well!

    Ingredients: Sodium Palmate/ Sodium Palmitate / Sodium Stearate, Sulfur, Tetrasodium EDTA, Etidronic Acid, Parfum Fragancia AV02148JB (Citrolnellol). C.I. 11680.

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