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Tanis and the Magical Valley A Journey Through the Inca Heartland by Sixto Paz Wells

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 • Product Size: 9.02" L  x  0.3" H  x  5.98" W Paperback - 128 pages

Having been prepared by two years of astral journeys with an extraterrestrial guide, eight-year-old Tanis asks her parents for a family vacation in Peru's Sacred Valley. As a result, Tanis and her family visit sacred Inca sites and find that ancient wisdom traditions are still being practiced in the Andes. In the context of Andean prophecies and practices, the book suggests how readers both young and adult can cope with our unsettling times. During her family's journey, Tanis comes of age spiritually as she encounters talking stones, shamans, spirit apparitions, spirit guides, ETs, and UFOs. Because of her open heart, curiosity, and generous nature, she is initiated into the wisdom traditions of the Andean people and connects with the mystical essence of Self beyond self, the healing power of Mother Nature, and the truly magical power of love.

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  • The perfect gift for anyone visiting Peru. The land is so rich in history,tradition, beauty and culture it is hard to absorb on the first visit. Tanis on her journey through the Sacred Valley shares with you her introduction to the history, beliefs and love of land and life that make this Valley so Sacred. The connection to the Incas and the Ancients is ever present and gives you a sense of wonder and joy in this magical place. It is better than any guidebook to help you understand and appreciate Peru. Amazon Reviewer
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