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Tibetan Healing OM Mane Padme Hum Bracelet

SKU: j0292

 • Product Size: 0.5" W

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Shamans Market Great Finds

Traditional Tibetan mantra bracelet with the OM Mani Padme Hum symbols appearing on its face with dorjes before and after the chant. Rich chainlike designs along either side of the bracelet and further embellishments at either end make for a stunning piece. Made of silver-plated copper, it is attractive and adjustable. Handcrafted in Nepal.

 - 100% Money Back Guarantee
100% Money Back Guarantee
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  • Each bracelet is uniquely handmade by skilled crafts people in Nepal according to traditional methods handed down from multiple generations of family artisans.
  • Shamans Market Great Finds

    At Shaman's Market we're always searching for unique quality items for our shop like the one seen here.