Benefits of Introducing Palo Santo, The Sacred Wood, Into Your Life

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Palo Santo, ‘sacred wood’, incense sticks were recently featured on the today show as a helpful aid to calm down and enter your own Zen space. Palo Santo can come in the form of incense sticks or cones. It can also be used as an oil or hydrosol, which are great alternatives to experience Palo Santo if you are sensitive to smoke. It has an earthy yet sweet and grounding scent that originates from a tree in South America. This wood can only be collected once the tree has died and fallen, allowing a truly sustainable harvest. Palo Santo is even made into wood bracelets and necklaces, which are a convenient way to carry the scent with you throughout the day.

Here are just a few benefits of using Palo Santo:

-Aids in deep relaxation and meditation

-Helps with anxiety as it provides a calming affect

-Boosts the immune system when used with an oil diffuser

-Helps ease the symptoms of a cough, asthma, or the flu when made into a tea

-Keeps mosquitoes and other bugs away!

-Helps with motion sickness when traveling

-Enhances creativity

-Helps sustain concentration

-Cleanses dense amounts of heavy energy

Shamans Market Palo Santo sticks were featured on Tamron’s Tuesday Trends on the Today Show. We also have Palo Santo bracelets and necklaces to wear throughout the day to help you keep calm.

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