In a universe woven of interconnectivity, there is nothing that is not sacred.

When we intentionally open up sacred space, we enter into conscious relationship with our environment, with the recognition that all is sacred. I think of it as communion with spirit. By surrendering to this great mystery, I open up for healing and guidance from the unseen. The laws of the 3D world do not abide here and anything is possible.

It’s best to begin by entering into a calm and meditative state, to allow spirit to guide you in creating your space, and setting your intention.

Shamans and many native traditions commonly open up sacred space by calling upon the archetypes of the directions. You can use whatever prayer feels right for you. Here is a prayer for calling in the directions from The Four Winds.


Shamans Market carries a vast selection of tools for creating your sacred space.

My current altar has a Peruvian cloth, a statue of Saraswati, candles, crystals, Tibetan tingshas, stones I have found, incense, and pictures of saints that are important to me. Before I begin any kind of ceremony, I burn sage for cleansing and ask for the space to be cleared for the work I need to do.

When I am working with a particular issue I design a space that serves that intention, and then call it in. At the moment I am working with the energy of abundance, so my altar has objects that represent this energy for me: pieces of gold Mica found in nature, citrine crystal, a peacock feather, as well as coins.

I may also gather flowers, tobacco, and sweet foods as an offering to spirit.

To focus and energize my intention, I use sound (rattle, chimes, crystal bowl, mantra), prayer, and burn incense. Sound is a powerful way to call in the assistance of the unseen realms. Become clear in what you are calling forth, and use your voice to align with this intention. Maybe you have your own medicine song that you use, or a mantra that you are working with. Drums and rattles are great for this as well.


Your sacred space is a powerful portal to your past, present, and future; your intention is the web that weaves the dream you enter.

You set the rules and limits. The space you create is a physical blueprint and a guidance system for the spirit realm. You may choose to build a traditional mesa aligned with the four directions, or simply use your intuition to guide you, as to how things should be arranged (my preference). In this way, I create a space that I feel good and protected in.

In closing your sacred space, remember to offer your gratitude for the unseen realms; all the allies and guides working with you, thanking each of the elements that were present. Ask for the space to be closed for you. You may use the same prayer that you opened with in closing prayer, or simply offer your gratitude for completion of your work.

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