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Who knew incense could come in so many forms? sticks, solids, resin nuggets, and plant parts such as leaves, stems and dried flowers, to name some of them.  One of the advantages of powdered incense is that it can be added to a charcoal burner one pinch at a time, or in whatever amount you want. Although often you may find a powdered version of a resin or granular incense, powdered incenses can also be used as a base powder and scented with essential oils and other fragrances to create your own unique scent.

With different forms of incense come different methods of igniting and burning. Some forms of powder incense are self-igniting. Our new Himalayan Herbs Incense Powder is not, however, and is burned by first igniting a few pieces of charcoal or incense resin nuggets in an appropriate type of burning bowl. A word about charcoal:  you want it to catch the flame quickly, be clean burning, and non crumbly. Burning bowls come in different sizes and are typically made of materials such as brass, stone or other non-flammable material. After igniting your charcoal in a burning bowl, sprinkle some of the powder over it, a pinch at a time. The fragrance of the aromatic herbs in the powder diffuse gently, floating toward the heavens and creating a wonderful fragrance. Powders are used in both the Buddhist and Hindu traditions of praying, offering, purifying, and meditating.

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