Ways to Honor Spring Equinox

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With new growth abound

And life all around

I embrace the changes in me

That Mother Nature has helped me to see

The first official moments of Spring will happen today. All over the world we experience equal parts daylight and equal parts night. These sweet moments of balance only happen twice in a year. Ostara, the Spring Equinox, can be a celebration of new beginnings, rebirth, and fertility. We can use these energies of transition and transformation to empower us to truly live in harmony.

Go outside

If you can, carve out some time and make your way out to nature. Take a walk or just sit, and notice the rebirth pachamama is showing you. Notice the new life popping from the soil or budding in the trees. This life is fragile and vulnerable, yet pulsing with this vital life power from within. I like to bring along some sort of offering for any teachings received from the wisdom that pachamama provides. Burning some sage or leaving an offering mix will do, or creating a mandala from stones or any other parts of nature near your surroundings.

Plant some seeds

Physically or metaphorically. Taking any seeds of choice, maybe an herb or wildflower, and infusing them with your hearts desires. Plant them into the earth or a part. Each time you water and tend to your plant, be sure to remember your dreams infused into the seeds. Water and take care of those too. If planting real seeds isn’t available, plant some in your mind’s eye. Envision new projects.


It’s the time to harness energy of balance and scan areas of your life that could use a new balancing act. Meditate on your own rebirth, what shadow work have you worked on during the winter that you can introduce to the light? Birth any creativity into form from what was conceived in the darkness of winter, watch it come to life.

Drink some tea

Everyone has got some time to enjoy a cup of tea! Try cleansing dandelion, nettles, or burdock root for springtime. Wild n Weedy by Mother Mountain Herbals is my favorite with nettles, spearmint, and more magic plant medicine.

Create an altar

Or spruce up your current one. Invite colors of lilac, green, pink, pale yellow and sky-blue into your creation. Light candles. Draw or create images and symbols of fertility. Jade, moonstone, and rose quartz are lovely stones to work with. Lavender and sweetgrass have been known to have a place in spring equinox and spring time altars.



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