Healing Elixirs and Handcrafted Teas

Gabrielle Lucci

In keeping with our goal of providing products for Mind, Body and Spirit, this month, Shamans Market introduces three exciting new lines of unique handcrafted healthy teas and elixirs.

Anima Mundi

anima mundiAnima Mundi is the brain child of herbalist Adriana Ayales, Costa Rica native turned herbal healer. Her Anima Mundi products are based on recipes passed down for generations in her family, with ingredients sourced from rainforests in South America. As she tells it, “I wasn’t initially planning to make this a career because in Costa Rica, it’s customary to use natural ingredients for medicinal purposes. I drank tonics and teas and elixirs all day long! For us, drinking tea is like brushing your teeth.” From farm to pharmacy, her elixirs are 100% organic, wildcrafted, non-GMO, and vegan botanical remedies.  Born out of the desire to have a natural form of healthcare, Ayales’s intention is to craft high potency formulas, using ancient healing methods applied and studied by rainforest natives.  They bring a wide range of formulas for wellness and longevity. “We have over 200 herbs imported from Costa Rica, India, China, and the Midwest and everything is 100 percent organic.” As part of her own health regimine, Ayales does yoga and drinks lots of her teas.  “I become a zombie if I don’t get a yoga session in. It’s essential. The more you can expand your core, the better you can absorb plant nutrients.” The wisdom imbued in their remedies has been revered by medicine people across the world as they aim to capture the essence of different traditions: From Rainforest Tribal botany to Chinese Medicine to Ayurveda. Shamans Market selections all come in 2 oz. earth-friendly glass bottles, except for the tea, which comes in bags.

Curam Vitamin C & Anti-Aging Elixir is a powerful blend of some of the most anti-oxidant and vitamin C rich foods on the planet. This formula is a deeply therapeutic mix containing a mega load of phyto-nutrients and essential minerals for total body harmony. Some of its main functions: oxygenates blood, boosts vitamin C, prevents arthritic and rheumatic imbalance, soothes muscle tissue and re-vitalizes the cardiovascular system. …[more]

The medicinal properties of Soma Mushroom Anti-Biotic and Immune Booster formula are known to protect health and vitality, soothe the lungs, support the immune system, increase endurance, enhances the digestive system, with antibiotic, anti-bacterial, anti-microbial, and anti-parasitic properties. …[more]

Corpus Lucem Euphoria is an exquisite elixir known to awaken loving awareness within the body. Medicated with strong aphrodisiac constituents, our love elixir arouses the spirit and floods the energy body with light. It stimulates the body while deeply nourishing reproductive organs. A delicious tonic to share with your beloved or to simply awaken your heart with joy.  The name means vehicle of light or light body.  The main actions of this elixir are as a libido enhancer, reproductive tonic (for men and women), bringer of blood flow to the lower centers.  …[more]

Viridem Elixir Master Detoxifier –the most potent greens found in the Rainforest. This formula contains master herbs known to contain powerful cleansing properties and anti-cancerous chemistry, while providing deep nourishment and intensely alkalizing effects. Our formula contains high anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory activity, with a profound ability to draw out toxicity from the five main organ systems.  …[more].

Ensueno Lucid Dreaming Elixir, from the Spanish word, ensueno, meaning dream. A night tonic to enhance deep dreaming. The botanicals that compose this elixir have been used for a long time for nervous system strengthening properties, as well as for the deep visionary experiences that it enhances during sleep. Medicine people and respected shamans around the world use these herbs to study the deep patterning of their psyche. This allows consciousness to witness itself sleep. This awakening process naturally enhances deep rest, enhances immune response, supports nervous system and boosts brain function. Main Actions: Pituitary Tonic, Hypothalamic Regulator, Nervous System Soother, Dream Tonic -Insomnia Antidote, Relaxing.  …[more] 

Dream Tea Third Eye Tonic exalts deep alpha and beta waves, creating a profound lucid dream atmosphere. The more the brain enters the alpha/beta state, it enters into the most self-regenerative realm. Yogi’s, medicine men and women, psychic mediums, and advanced meditation practitioners practice accessing this state, to access some of the most relaxing and ecstatic realities within our body-mind axis.  …..[more]


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