The highest price is

  • Peruvian Drawstring Bag - Small $10.50
  • Peruvian Drawstring Bag $19.50
  • Peruvian Zipper Bag - Small $6.50
  • Nepali Drawstring Thaili Pouch $3.50
  • Lampa Woven Llama Wool Bag $32.00
  • Peruvian Zipper Bag $12.50
  • Colorful Peruvian Drawstring Bag - Small $4.50
  • Nepali Easy Gheri Bag $29.50
  • Peruvian Wool Backpack w/ Llama Pocket $46.00
    Heather Gray
    Gray Taupe
    Dark Brown
  • Nepali Drawstring Thaili Hemp Pouch $5.50
  • Peruvian Zipper Bag Carrying Case $24.50
  • Peruvian Alpaca Padded Duffel Bag $56.50
    Dark Brown
  • Shipibo Embroidered Zipper Case $17.50
    Burnt Orange
  • Bolivian Leather & Aguayo Fabric Sling Bag $60.50
  • Bolivian Leather & Aguayo Shoulder Bag $48.40 $60.50
  • Q'ero Ch'uspa Coca Leaf Bag w/ Strap - Inkarri $40.00

Hippie Bags - Handwoven Bags

Our wide selection of handwoven hippie bags has something for everyone. From small drawstring pouches and zipper bags to larger shoulder bags, purses for women, handbags, and even backpacks, every hippie bag we offer has something remarkable to offer. Featuring natural, traditional construction made from the type of naturally-abundant material and available in some wonderfully authentic and vibrant color choices, our bag selection is second to none.

You’ll be dazzled by the dozens of choices before your eyes. Thanks to our exclusive connections to South American bag artisans that have kept traditional weaving methods alive for generations, many of our bags can be traced back to Peruvian craftsmen who have been creating bag designs based on knowledge passed down to them from the height of the Incan Empire. Unique and beautiful, with striking color and texture, each bag is woven lovingly from the wool of the alpaca, native to the Andean region and raised as livestock by the indigenous people of Peru. Naturally water repellent and fire resistant and hypoallergenic, this warm wool is soft, durable, and luxurious to the touch.

Other bags in our collection draw from other Central and South American motifs such as Zapotec-inspired designs and bags made from hand-tooled genuine Bolivian leather with cloth inserts from regional artisans. These talented and rare artists likewise keep the traditions of their pre-Columbian ancestors alive and well, enabling us to appreciate the beauty of their culture and its art today. We also carry more than one bag that showcases traditional Nepalese designs from South Asia, drawing inspiration from the majestic and sacred Himalayas and invoking the peace and wisdom of its native peoples, paving the way to learn lessons that can help enrich our own lives and help those around us fulfill their own awakening.

Here at Shamans Market, we’re proud of our commitment to ethically sourcing sustainable products whenever possible. Doing so means that we can work towards achieving our goal of preserving and honoring the indigenous cultures from which these products originate in a respectful and reverential manner. This ensures that the artisans behind our products are both recognized for their artistry while also compensated fairly for their invaluable work. Just as important is doing so allows us to stress our core values of living in harmony with both the Earth and with one another in respectful mindfulness at all times by focusing on durable products made from sustainable sources using traditional methods to reduce human impact on our home.