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  • Tuned Tibetan Zen Singing Bowl $107.00
  • Singing Bowl - Hand Hammered - 6 inch $85.00
  • Hand Hammered Tibetan Healing Therapy Singing Bowl $147.00
  • Heart Chakra Mini Meditation Bowl in Gift Box $28.00
  • 2 inch Om Mini Meditation Bowl in Gift Box $28.00
  • Crown Chakra Mini Meditation Bowl in Gift Box $30.00
  • Avalokiteshvara Singing Bowl Gift Set - 4 inch $44.00
  • Handbeaten Singing Bowl - 6 inch with Cushion $180.00
  • Singing Bowl Muladhara Root Chakra Gift Box - 3 inch $31.00
  • Singing Bowl Svadhisthana Chakra Gift Box - 3 inch $31.00
  • 3 inch OM Lotus Meditation Bowl in Gift Box $45.00
  • Handbeaten Singing Bowl - 8 in. w/Cushion $188.00
  • Bliss Singing Bowl - 4.5 in. $90.00
  • Lotus Singing Bowl - 5.25 in. $130.00
  • 3 inch Henna Hamsa Meditation Bowl in Gift Box $43.00
  • Tibetan Healing Grade Singing Bowl $150.00

Meditation bowls, also known as Tibetan Singing Bowls after their place of origin, have been used for centuries by Tibetan Buddhist monks and other practitioners. Ideal for meditation, these hand hammered singing bowls are most often worked into an inverted bell (giving them their bowl-like shape) and are made from metal that, when struck on the sides or circled on their rims, can create a range of sounds and vibrations that can help restore harmony to the mind, body, and soul, and are often used in conjunction with a yoga meditation practice or similar meditation, yoga being the most common.

Singing Bowls

Our line of sound bowls are made from hand-hammered metal alloys, each of which is included to correspond to a different element or chakra such as mercury, gold, silver, copper, iron, tin, and lead (ancient examples from the Himalayas often included meteorite iron as well). Each of our items come with a wooden striker, mallet, or dowel to sound these bowls. We offer a full line of different sizes perfect for yoga, singing bowl meditation, or holistic vibration therapy. A perfect present for the yoga or meditation enthusiast in your life, our miniature meditation bowl items come with a vibrantly colored gift box.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are meditation bowls called?

These bowls are known by many names. Sometimes called a Tibetan singing bowl or a sound bowl, no matter what name you want to call them by, they all have the ability to provide you the same soothing, centering, and healing vibratory tones when struck. Many different tones, which are often associated with specific chakras, can be struck on the same bowl depending on where and how you interact with it. These calming chimes and resonant notes have been helping spiritual seekers and yoga practitioners find their path for centuries.

How do meditation bowls work?

The sounds generated by these meditation aids are a type of energy medicine, one that’s been used to promote healing from physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual ills. The unique tones that each bowl makes can help you focus during yoga or while meditating, aid you in channeling creativity, and provide a spiritual space with the energy and calm necessary to begin spiritual practices. The vibrations emitted by a singing bowl go much further than just our ears - the very vibrations they emit enter our bodies and resonate within us, interacting with our chakras in ways that would otherwise be impossible.