The Shamans Market Team

Bryan Bryan


He’s the reason we are all here. He is a pro when it comes to humming and his favorite words are ‘yaayyy’ and ‘wooohooo’. Loves walks in the woods and weekends "up north".

Kristen Kristen


Joshua Joshua


A cat lover who is never short of things to say, he loves his partner, art and trying to better understand his fellow humans. He answers your emails, packs your orders and makes some of our products under Missy's watchful eye.

Kali Kali


Organizer extraordinaire! She makes sure we celebrate everyone’s birthday and takes care of all things inventory. She loves to bake and often brings deliciousness in. A creative and sweet soul that loves to travel! 

Michele Michele


The fashionista with a love for sweaters and Steven Tyler. She’s in love with her animals and will probably fall for yours too. She hand makes a few of the incense sticks we carry. 

Gerogia Gerogia


The creator of our Nakshatra Essences. It is at the core of who Georgia is to channel energy, create alchemy and make medicine.

Heather Heather


The maker of our Annointing Oils Heather is a licensed massage therapist and Pachakuti Mesa Tradition teacher and ceremonial artist.