Healing with the Nakshatras

Bryan Bigelow

On the healing journey, it’s sometimes all too easy to forget who we are and what we came to do, as we get caught up in the struggles and stresses of everyday life. It’s vital to tune into the higher energies that guide our path in this lifetime and to uplift ourselves with the knowledge of our deeper, true essence, so we can play our unique and individual part in this wondrous Cosmos.

Did you know that your Nakshatra, a specific constellation of stars, imprints you with certain celestial energies at the time of your birth that follow you all through your life? Finding out about your Nakshatra will help bring you clarity in times of change or crisis as well as assist you to move more smoothly through all your relationships as you come to a deeper understanding of yourself. Nakshatra wisdom can also support your meditation and spiritual practice. 

What is a Nakshatra?

27 Star Beings representing the Nakshatras

27 Star Beings representing the Nakshatras

In the 5000-year-old science of Vedic Astrology, the ancient Indian seers identified 27 different Nakshatras that carry the resonance of 27 different constellations of stars in the cosmos. This was the ‘zodiac’ of the Vedic system of astrology.

Vedic astrology is based on the idea that life is meant for spiritual growth, and that our karma determines what kind of experiences we have in this journey, both positive and negative. The alignment of the stars when we were born will hold particular frequencies, and by looking at them, we can understand the influences on our karma, or the cause and effect of our actions from previous lives.

In this way, we can begin to liberate ourselves from the wheel of karma as we gain more awareness and make different, more enlightened choices.  

You might have come across the concept of raising your kundalini as part of the spiritual awakening journey. Awakening your kundalini, the life force energy that lives at the base of your spine and moves up to the crown chakra, clears blocks and brings greater awareness and radiance. A fascinating fact is that all 27 of the Nakshatras link directly to ancient Chinese acupuncture points for raising the kundalini.

Discover your Life Map

Life Map

Using the knowledge of the Nakshatras can help you to uncover what map or blueprint you were born with. Without this map, it can be challenging to know which direction is right for you and which things to steer away from, making life confusing and frustrating. Knowing about your Nakshatras will unlock whole new worlds for you. And the amazing thing is, you don’t need an ancient Indian seer to decipher it for you…

The dance of the moon and the planets

The Nakshatra closest to the moon at your birth is considered your Birth Star. This moment of resonance and celestial signature is your key to accessing the cosmic realm [insert link to blog post about Cosmic Self]

The moon continues a daily dance with each of the 27 Nakshatras over a month, absorbing and reflecting the celestial energy of each constellation.  The moon and position of the ascendant move quickly through the Nakshatras, while the other planets move more slowly.  

We can glean a lot of clues about our karma and healing journey by looking at the position of the planets and the moon in relationship to the fixed star constellations. 

Some examples of Nakshatras

If you were born under the Birth Star of Jyestha, or the ‘Chief Star’, you were bestowed with the power to rise and to gain great courage. This energy is intelligent, sharp, active and forward-looking, as well as liberating, calm and peaceful. It aims to generate wealth to provide the necessities in life. But be warned: the power of Jyestha is only to be used in integrity, for worthy causes!

Ashwini is a Nakshatra of. new beginnings, fast action, a sense of daring and an eagerness for adventure, as well as compassion and generosity.

How to get started with Nakshatra wisdom

  • First, find out your birth star Nakshatra here.


  • Explore your Nakshatra through a Nakshatra Wheel Divination Kit. This is a brilliant visual tool to help track the movement of the planets. You place stones in where the planets currently are and where they were when you were born, giving yourself a visual representation of the cosmic energies in your life that you can use to focus and learn more about yourself. This kit also includes a 27 Constellations Nakshatra Temple essence which will help you become aware of the Star energies of each Nakshatra and how this energy can contribute to your daily life.

  • Have a look at some of the other Nakshatra Temple essences and consider working more deeply with one that speaks to you. With the help of these Star remedies, you will establish a clear and pure connection with the celestial realm by clearing any obstacles or distortions you have created through lifestyle or thought patterns. You will be able to live with much greater cosmic awareness in accordance with Universal Law. 

Working with these temple essences, which are made with the energy of the Nakshatras, has the potential to clear all the Samskaras, or subtle imprints, left in our body and soul due to our experiences and actions in life.