San Pedro: The Sacred Andean Cactus

Main Imade Credit: Artwork from Donna Torres,


San Pedro is a sacred plant medicine of the Andes & has been used for thousands of years in Peru, Ecuador and Bolivia as a shamanic medicine.


This magical cactus has many names: “Achuma,” “Aguacolla,” “Gigantón,” “Huachuma,” “Hahuacolla” and more. “San Pedro” means “Saint Peter” in Spanish and it was given this name because Saint Peter, in Catholic mythology, is considered to hold the keys to heaven, which the San Pedro cactus has been said to as well. The old name, Huachuma, relates to consuming a psychedelic drink and altering states of consciousness.


All over Peru, today and in the past, the San Pedro cacti can be found growing in the homes and gardens of people from all social, economic, and cultural backgrounds. Many modern Peruvians who grow the plant say that they keep it just for good luck or protection without knowing its entheogenic effects. 


We sourced these carvings from our good friends and shamanic artists, Albelardo and Luzmarina. Their art is infused with a deep understanding of Andean cosmology, ancient shamanic practices and a deep love for the apus and Pachamama.


San Pedro Carved Crystal Serpentine Stone


Carved out of serpentine, an earthing stone that can assist in the retrieval of wisdom. This carving will bring protection to any sacred space, mesa, or altar.