12 Ways to Use Singing Bowls for Energy Cleansing

Kristen Lagos

Singing bowls and musical instruments have been used in spiritual and healing practices for centuries. They’re believed to be powerful tools for cleansing and clearing stagnant energy, healing, and enhancing meditation.

If you’re looking for an easy way to add more clarity, calmness, and peace to your life, using singing bowls may be a great option!

In this article, we outline 12 ways to use singing bowl therapy to enhance your energy cleansing.

What Are Singing Bowls?

Before we look at how to use singing bowls for energy cleansing, it’s important to understand what singing bowls are. Also known as Tibetan singing bowls or Himalayan singing bowls, these handmade singing bowls create a deep, mellow sound when played in a circular motion.

These vibrations and sounds interact with your brain waves, which is why they are popularly used in meditation and healing practices today.

Benefits of Using Singing Bowls

When used properly, a Tibetan singing bowl can provide a range of benefits for those seeking to clear and balance their energy.

Some of the benefits of engaging in energy healing practices include:

  • Improved mental clarity and focus, allowing you to approach tasks with heightened concentration and efficiency.
  • Increased relaxation, aiding in stress reduction and promoting a sense of calm and well-being.
  • Enhanced meditation experience, facilitating deeper states of relaxation and connection.
  • Clearing away negative energies from space, creating a more harmonious and positive environment.
  • Balancing the chakras, promoting overall energetic well-being and alignment.

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What Is a Cleansing Ritual?

A cleansing ritual is a practice used to clear away stagnant energy and make space for new, positive energy. It can be performed with various tools, such as sage sticks or, of course, singing bowls.

Singing bowls are an excellent tool for this purpose because they create powerful sound vibrations that can reach deep into the energy fields of any space. They are vehicles that open up energies and create spaces that make cleansing possible.

Different Types of Cleansings to Do with Singing Bowls

a) External Cleansing - Making Use of Sound Vibrations

When using singing bowls for energy cleansing, you can make use of sound vibrations to clear away any negative energies that might be present in the area.

This is done by simply striking the bowl and allowing the sound waves to create a vibration that will disperse any stagnant or unwanted energy.

b) Internal Cleansing - Connecting with Your Intuition

Using singing bowls can also be beneficial for internally connecting with your intuition. By listening to the sound of your own singing bowl alone, you’ll be able to tap into a deeper level of consciousness and listen to what your inner self is trying to tell you.

This can help you identify areas where there might be an energy blockage or stagnant energy that needs releasing.

c) Emotional Cleansing - Releasing Negative Thoughts and Feelings

Using singing bowls for emotional cleansing is a powerful way to release any negative thoughts and feelings that may be present. Strike the bowl and visualize those thoughts and feelings leaving your body, allowing yourself to find inner peace and calm.

You can also use affirmations or visualizations while striking the bowl to further focus on releasing anything that’s no longer serving you.

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12 Ways to Use Singing Bowls for Energy Cleansing

1. To Create a Sacred Space

Using singing bowls is an excellent way to create a sacred space that you can use for spiritual practice or other personal rituals. Start by bringing your bowl to a quiet and comfortable place in your home.

Take some time to clear the area of any distractions or negative energy, then light a candle or use incense to set the tone. You can also create an altar with meaningful items, such as crystals, pictures, and mementos.

When you’ve finished setting up your space, gently strike the bowl with a mallet to fill your area with calming vibrations.

2. To Guide a Meditation

You can also use singing bowls as a tool for guided meditation. For example, start by listening to the sound of your bowl and allowing yourself to relax and enter a meditative state. You can then use your imagination to focus on whatever positive images come up for you.

When those images begin to fade away, gently tap the bowl again and allow yourself to become re-grounded in your body.

3. To Balance Chakras

Singing bowls can also be used for chakra balancing. Start by tapping the bowl lightly and focusing on each chakra in turn, beginning with the root and ending with the crown.

While you do this, visualize a rainbow-colored light emanating from your bowl and filling each chakra with light and vitality.

Every chakra has a singing bowl frequency that’s associated with it, so use this as a guide when picking out your bowl.


4. In Conjunction with Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy can also be used in conjunction with singing bowls to further enhance energy cleansing. Incense sticks, essential oils, and other aromatic items can be burned while the singing bowl is being played.

This will add another layer of healing vibrations that will help to relax your body and mind even further.

5. To Boost Manifestation Powers

Using singing bowls for energy cleansing is also a great way to boost your manifestation powers. Start by setting an intention of what you wish to create in your life and strike the bowl with this goal in mind.

Visualize yourself already living that reality as the vibrations from the bowl fill the room, sending out your positive message into the universe.

6. With Color Therapy

In addition to aromatherapy, you can also use color therapy while working with singing bowls. Different colors represent various emotions and energy states, so choose a crystal or gemstone that corresponds to the type of cleansing you want to do.

For example, blue is associated with calming energies, while green is connected to healing and balance. Place these stones near your bowl and allow their energies to combine with the vibrations from the bowl.

7. During Yoga

You can also use specific yoga postures while working with singing bowls for energy cleansing. For example, try taking a seated position with your eyes closed and your hands resting at the heart center as you strike the bowl.

This will create an even stronger connection to the energy of the bowl and will help you to become more present in the moment.

8.To Visualize Deeper

In addition to sound healing, you can also use visualization while working with singing bowls for energy cleansing. Visualize yourself in a peaceful place surrounded by love and light as the bowl’s vibrations fill the area.

Imagine that all of the negative energies present are gently being drawn out of your body and replaced with positive, healing energy. Hold this vision in your mind until you’re ready to move on.

Using singing bowls for energy cleansing is an effective way to clear and balance your energy, as well as strengthen your connection with yourself. By combining the power of sound vibrations, aromatherapy, color therapy, yoga postures, and visualization techniques, you can create a powerful healing ritual that will help cut cords.


9. To Connect with Your Spirit Guides

Singing bowls can also be used to connect with your spirit guides and receive their wisdom and guidance. Place the bowl near a photo of your spirit guide, or if you don’t have one, you can close your eyes and visualize them in your mind.

Focus on their energy and set an intention to connect with them more deeply as you strike the bowl. You may receive intuitive messages during this time that will help to bring clarity and understanding to your life.

You can also send out messages of gratitude and appreciation to those people you are wanting the cut cords with, as the bowl resonates throughout your space, creating a powerful connection.

10. To Complement Crystals and Stones

Crystals and stones are also excellent tools for energetic healing when used with singing bowls. Place the crystals and stones around the bowl before striking it to further focus the energy of the bowl.

The specific properties of each stone will combine with the vibrations from the bowl and amplify its healing power, allowing you to cleanse your energy system more. Choose stones that correspond with the type of clearing or transformation that you’re looking to achieve, such as quartz for clarity or amethyst for protection.

11. To Re-Focus Your Intention

It's important to remember that the power of energy cleansing lies in your intention. Take a few moments before beginning to reflect on what you're looking to unleash, heal, and manifest in your life.

Once you have a clear picture of the intention, gently strike the bowl and allow its sound to reverberate throughout your space. Visualize this energy carrying into every corner of your room as it slowly transforms and shifts your aura.

12. To Connect with Nature

Finally, you can also use singing bowls for energy cleansing to help you connect with nature. Take the bowl outside or open a window and let the sound of your bowl echo throughout the natural surroundings.

This will allow the healing vibrations to mingle with those of nature, allowing you to more deeply connect with the Earth’s energy. You can also combine this with a grounding and meditation practice to further deepen your connection with nature and open up to the healing power of its vibrations.

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Singing bowls are a powerful tool for energy cleansing and can help clear negative energies, balance your chakras, and boost your manifestation powers.

By combining the bowl’s vibrations with aromatherapy, color and sound therapy, yoga postures, visualizations, physical touch with herbal compresses, crystals, and stones, and connecting with nature you can create a powerful ritual that will help to bring harmony and balance back into your life.

So, why not try using singing bowls for energy cleansing today and see the amazing benefits it can have on your health and well-being?