The Space Between Seasons

Jeff Oxford

Sitting In The Stillness

Now that the big event of the season (the holidays) have surpassed us, it can be easy to ignore what’s right in front of us and have that what’s next mentality. Spring fashion seems to be popping up already. Plans for Spring Equinox rituals shared and gatherings being planned, but I’m still deep in the depths of winter. I’ll just let the excitement of spring stay where it needs to, in the moments of the first signs of life that start to emerge from the stillness. There is something special about the space between, the dark and cold energy of winter lingers and that doesn’t need to be rushed through. It serves as a reminder that most of us go through our own cycles and spouts of dark or depressing times on an individual level. Just like a seed that has been sowed in a wildfire, despite the destruction and the chaos, there is hope for creative growth.  


Sometimes the energy after the holidays can feel similar to how when a wildfire sets ablaze everything on fire, a path of destruction and death. After the rush of the flames there is a burnout period covered in gray and ash. Yet, there is a hopeful story of rebirth after the burnout. A forest of growth always happens after a burnout, seeds sowed during the wildfire will burst into existence. And currently, we are in the space between the moment of the burnout and when the hillsides start to sprout green through the ash. We are in that time of the seed, getting ready to sprout, but waiting for the right moment. We are surrounded by the possibility and encouragement of fresh new growth and transformation.


So, are you already rushing forth towards the next season, the next thing? Or are you taking each day, each moment and allowing yourself to be totally present. We can’t skip the grief or darkness in life, just because we ignore something or run away doesn’t mean it goes away. When we rush we can be ignoring lessons and opportunities before our eyes, even if the lesson in the confusion of the present moment.

When Ritual Comes To The Rescue

Just as the seasons and moments of our lives change, so  can the way we ground down and attune to ourselves. If I don’t put intention into my mornings then my whole day can drop off. If I then ignore myself and don’t do something for my spiritual body before falling asleep, I am just doing a dishonor and setting myself up to continue my streak if ignoring the opportunities. The morning ritual set is honestly the best and easily digestible way to start my mornings. I don’t use the soap every day, but it does let me start my mornings with intuition. I intuitively choose if I need to cleanse myself that deeply. I like to meditate with stones and fluorite helps remember me my purpose, connecting my physical and mental abilities at my heart center (bonus the stone was charged under the full moon in 2018). Combining the brain tonic with yerba mate tea helps give me stabilized energy and sends a message to my brain and body that I value myself that day and I am setting myself up to work and serve to the best of my ability. Read more on the benefits of yerba mate in the product description here, it’s amazing. 

So if my mornings doesn’t go to plan, which is very often to be honest, in enters the night time ritual. SO many customers have had success with the lucid dreaming elixir included in the set. We also include a bit of lavender and frankincense essential oil and a pink moonstone. I personally sleep with a satchel of lavender in my pillowcase to help ease my mind into the dream state. Essential oils in a diffuser are an excellent way to draw a line between bustling energy of your day you experienced and evening down time. With frankincense it’s almost like stepping into your own little cozy, magical den of relaxation. Moonstone is included to be kept near you as you sleep, to help the moon restore you at night and remind you to walk gently in the world.


It all comes back to intention. Being intentional with my time and space and existence on earth. The space between is when I need rituals the most. And when the sun isn’t shining bright and my inner landscape resembles the period after a burnout, gray and ash covering the hills, I remember there is still a seed of creativity and inspiration within me just waiting to burst to life with existence.